Monday, December 31, 2007

Bonne Année 2008!!

Exactly one more hour to go before the arrival of a brand new year and I'm sitting here in the cybercafe trying to think of what my new year resolutions would be. Been spending the past one hour trying to draft the plan for the brand new year, but nothing came out.

*blink blink*

Still can't think of any. Maybe my brain is shutting itself and refuse to let me access it. Perhaps it is programming itself to clear off all the memory and cache in it? Maybe it's trying to archive the old storage spaces so that there will be more space to accomodate new informations in the coming year? Whatever it is doing, I can't come out with the resolutions!!

Oh crap! What a lame excuse.

To tell the truth, I am just plain lazy.
Lazy to think of this stupid resolutions (Who is the smart ass who came up with the idea of making new year resolutions anyway??)
Lazy to make good use of my brain.
Lazy to do anything.
Maybe I am too exhausted from working too much. Hey, I have been clocking in every day for the past one and half months (with only 5 days of rest so far).

But that should not be an excuse. I don't like giving excuses for didn't get things right.
It makes me feel so irresponsible and shows as if I am tyring to shirk from responsibility.

There is a proverb saying "If one fails to plan, then one plans to fail". How true. And to say that I am the planner for this project I am attached with now in Lumut, it is indeed shameful as I can't even come up with my own plan! Shame, shame, shame!!!

This is my life and I should take charge of it.
It's me who should be should be doing planning for my ownself.
No one will be responsible for my life, other than my ownself.
Hence, it's me who should chart the road for myself.

That is, to be responsible for my ownself. I need to take charge of my life and be answerable to actions that I take. There is no time to waste. And no more coming up with lame excuses.
I need to get rid of words such as "I am tired .... ", "Lazy-lah.... ", "No time to do this lah.... " and etc. These are negative words which I must avoid at all cost as it's like black hole which sucks all the energy out from my life.

Yeah, it is pretty vague and quite difficult to quantify the achievement, but nevertheless, it's me myself who should be judging if I did keep to the resolutions, or otherwise.

Well, it's not that bad after all. The last one and half hours wasn't really a waste.
I did indeed came up with my very own resolution, at last.

It is now 11.50m and it's time for me to log off. Need to get a good night rest before embarking on a new journey (and also going to clock in at office tomorrow morning). Looking forward to a great year ahead!

Hereby wishing you all a very happy spanking new year 2008!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Goodbye 2007

The clock is ticking down. 2 more days left in the calendar year before ushering the start of a brand new year. Looking back into the past 363 days, let's take a walk on what happened to my life throughout the period.

1. Change of job. [Jumping from one shit to another, almost...]

2. Moved from Puchong and back to Kepong. Woo hoo!! [What other places which has pasar malam every night other than Kepong?]

3. Transfered to Lumut. [Feeling energetic for the first time while at work]

4. First trip to offshore. [Spending 5 boring days on the platform and the accomodation vessel, all surrounded by waters. And it took me 5 days to readjust and balance myself to the ground condition]

5. First time on a helicopter ride. [What other air transportation mode I have not tried, other than chopper and plane? Hot air balloon seems tempting]

6. Almost drowned while attending a underwater escape training. [It was freaky all right. The few seconds of breathlessness seems like eternity. And I swear the incident is still fresh on my mind, even though it happened 5 months ago]

6. Delta Rover burnt to the ground. [No signs of the owner rebuilding the climbing gym again. Had to go to that super expensive Camp5 to satisfy my climbing craving. Crap!]

7. Blogging. [Only meagre 68 entries in this year. How lame~~~]

8. Had a pet dog of my own, almost. [Hope Lil' Russell is happy being back with his mummy]

9. Attended M.A.N.Y weddings!! [And I foresee more to come. Any wonder why my pockets are full of holes?]

10. Signed up with the National Library. [Only RM1 for membership and loads of books to choose from. What a bargain!]

11. Actively following the political senario in Malaysia. [I feel so disgusted! I am ashamed to call myself a Malaysian]

12. Attended a rally for the first time. [And it made me feel even more disgusted! Our government is worse than Talibans! I seriously thinking of migrating. There is basically left little hope in this country with the current leadership>

13. First time riding on a horse. [Yii harrr!! Feel like a cowboy. Thanks to Ho Sang and his wedding gimmick]

14. Reading books!! [Borrowed 30+ books, but only managed to finish reading less than half of them. Sigh]

15. Jamming sessions! [I have to brush up my guitar skill and to learn to play more songs! And I hope the rest of the band members will do so coz it's embarassing to play out-of-tempo]

16. Facebook.. And Scrabulous. [I am basically addicted to this game. Have to secure more victories!]


As the new year approaches, I guess the norm for everyone is to come up with new year resolutions. And what would mine be? Should I make up a list like other people do? One lazy side is telling me that there is no point in making a list which will never be fulfilled, while the other part of me is crying for a plan to guide my way through 2008.

Let's see. I have two more days to decide which side should I listen to. Tummy is growling like mad now, and I haven't have my dinner yet (It's 8pm now. Been working full day at site today)

Till then, happy holiday and a very happy new year to everyone!!

The Knight And His Bride

Once upon a time, there lived a knight and a lady in the kingdom of Far Far Away. Both of them were studying in the same school. It all began on one faithful day, where they met each other for the very first time, and love sparked the minute they laid their eyes on each other. After years of courtship, the knight promised to the lady to take her as his woman. And this is the story of his journey to fulfill his promise....

The knight in shining armour with his mighty stallion ready to fetch the maiden bride, living in a castle faraway.

However, the knight apparently got confused with his own identity and thought that he was a cowboy instead. Donning the cowboy hat, he cried out to his mighty stead to start moving. But the stead did not make a move.

He cried out again and kicked the stallion, hoping that it will gallop its way ahead. Still, no movement at all. Frustration appeared on the knight's face.

It was now apparent that the knight, or cowboy wannabe, does not have the horse riding skill. Later, he had to be led to his maiden bride by the horse trainer. He could only laugh to cover his great embarrassment.

And the knight's loyal comrade laughed at the mighty knights incompetency.

After hours of treading along the torturous path, they finally reached the destination.

Upon reaching the maiden's castle, the knight and his loyal comrade had to face with the 4 guardians.

They had to undergo tests, failing which would render the knight unable to produce offspring to continue his legacy. Nevertheless, test such as crossing over gigantic gate, eating the 4 deadly food, dodging the cursed staff, chanting love hymns did not weaken the spirit of the group.

Eventually, it was bribe of a thousand gold coins to the greedy 4 that cleared the path.

The knight quickly made his move and finally succeed in reaching the maiden's chamber.

Taking the hand of the fair lady, the knight kissed the bride and embraced her in his arm.

And the lady reciprocate and an exhange of bridal vow took place.

The knight and the lady were now officially known as Mr and Mrs Chan.

Congrats to both Ho Sang and Yee Lee.
May you both live the many years of joy and happiness together!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Disputes with Bitches

Cool place. Nice view of Lumut river from my place. Walking distance to the town. Amenities such as banks, 7-11, sundry shops, KFC, etc is just a walking distance away. Long stretch of waterfront with nice view of the river bank (nice place to jog, by the way). Greenery and nice landscape around. Ample parking space. Nice swimming pool below. Astro readily available. Cool ambience of the living room. Air conditioned rooms. Water heater for shower. Fully furnished kitchen. What is there for me to ask for? When I started being comfortable with the place and the surrounding, now you want me out?

When people start barging in and claim that the place is theirs, I am definitely pissed!
Reasons such as can't stand smoke scents, unable to share place with the opposite sex, religion issue, bad feng shui, to god-knows-what-else excuses, THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Trying to kick me out of my place, and relocating me to a second grade house with no amenities nearby and no greeneries in sight, THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. And worse still, there is no internet access and no cybercafe nearby. And to drive a few kilometres away to get online, or just to buy food and stuff, that just pisses me off. Never mind if I have forked out money for the annual membership (it cost only RM10 anyway), but being unable to access internet, that just make my blood boiling like mad.

I don't bear any ill feelings towards the female (other than some gender/sexist remark blurted out from me sometimes, sorry to say), but this incident made me feel that being a female is (100%) equivalent to a BITCH. You have to know that you are here for a construction job and you should know that it is an on-site job. There is bound to be lots of guys around, especially smokers too. If you cant bear working with guys, and smokers, than I suggest you to go back home and go play masak-masak. Or you can go play with your barbie dolls.

And being here on the job doesn't mean that you have the right lay your rights on people's belonging. And don't try to bitch around with the boss complaining about being uneasy staying with guys. If you don't feel comfortable with guys, then why take up the offer to come here in the first place? And if you don't feel comfortable with guys, then why the fuck do you share the company's van with us? Didn't the religious fanatics in Middle East (your religion, that is) banned women from sharing transportation with men who are not of the same blood? Why don't you raise this to the boss too and ask for an all-bitch-only car?

Fuck it. I am now offering you my comfy room, and I am willing to sacrifice myself and moving to a much smaller room with only a wall fan. Let's see if we can work out a thing or two here. But let me make myself clear. I don't fucking bother to see your "spectacles" hang dry, and I don't fucking bother to know what you wear during the night when you sleep. No, I don't want to know whether you are a lesbian or bisexual. Spare me from letting me know if you have shaved or not. I am not fucking interested on you, on your family, on your ancestors, on your pets, etc etc. In fact, I don't even fucking bother to know whether you are indeed a woman or not.

Look, you have bulldozed your way onto my territory and kicking me out, but I am on the other side willing to accept an unfavorable position (to me). All I want is to continue to stay in this place of mine, and continue with my life, while you continue yours. Once this project is completed, you go your way, and I go mine. Period.

Now, if that also you are not willing to accept, then to the hell you go, you BITCHES.

(taken from here)