Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another lazy entry from me.

Was tagged by pj, but procrastination and hectic schedule didnt permit me to post this up, until I saw the similar post from jason boy. Late it is, but at least its uploaded, right? Oh well, here it goes.

4 Jobs I've had in my life
1. One day job as a Telemarketer
2. Waiter (Waitered at A&W, some hotel functions, and a restaurant in Singapore)
3. Tutition teacher for 3 years for 2 small lil brats!
4. Sales assistant at Popular Book Store, Seremban

4 Movies I can watch over and over again
1. I Am Sam (Totally recommended)
2. Shawshank Redemption
3. Green Mile
4. The Last Samurai (The life of a samurai is cool)
. (ok, i am cheating. Gonna add 3 more to the list. Hehehe)
5. Serendipity
6. Love, Actually (Here's a movie that can bring smile to your face. Just nice)
7. Music and Lyrics (Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant were jsut fabulous in this movie. Check out theme song too. Simple yet sweet lyrics)

4 Places I've been on vacation
1. Bangkok
2. Singapore
3. Penang
4. Cameron Highlands
(Yeah, pretty lame. Haven't been to much places. Anyone wanna bring me along for vacation?)

4 of My favorite dishes
1. Home cooked soups. All kind of soups. (A bachelor who stays alone is pretty sad case when it comes to home cooked soups)
2. Home cooked dishes. Any dish will do. (A bachelor who stays alone is pretty sad case when it comes to food)
3. Kambing/Ayam Rendang
4. Steamed chicken

4 Places I would like to visit
1. France (Qui voudrait aller en France avec moi?)
2. 7 wonders of the world (old and new)
3. Africa (would love to see the animals living freely in the wild)
4. Outer space??

4 Most overused words
1. tiuuuuu~~~~ (Used in daily life)
2. tiuuuuu~~~ lohhhh~~~~ (Only used in shocking situations)
3. magai... (Used in daily life)
4. hmmm... (Used in daily life)

4 TV shows I love to watch
1. Lost
2. ....
3. ....
4. ....
(I dun usually follow tv series, except for Lost... and currently watching a few episodes of heroes and prison break. Kinda confused as I only started watching halfway of the series.


JL said...

berhabuk dah lu mia tempat ni... *coughs*

amyguan said...

i hate tags. i got so many but i just ignore them.

Big Bad Wolf said...

jl... Wat to do? Really busy at work nowadays neh. Seldom kacau u, dont u notice tat? Not unlike last time. Wil try to update more. Be patient ya?

Amy the guan. This is the first time i am replying to a tag. Can you believe it or not?

pj said...

since when i tagged u?

or do u hv another friend by the same name - pj?