Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Final Frontier

The Chinese made it to the headline again, performing a manned space mission. They went bolder this time around, performing a space walk and conducting some experiments (don't know what the heck are those test) in the empty space. And they are targeting to visit moon next.

One small step for human, a giant leap for mankind
- Neil Armstrong

And it was also around this time, one year ago, that we have our very first Malaysian sent to space. Our best achievement is that we sent one man as a space tourist, costing us millions of ringgit.
And the other achievement is that our pious academicians had created a device to determine the solat time while one is in space, and also the kiblat direction. Very commendable achievement, eh?

Americans called their spacemen "astronaut"

Russians called theirs "cosmonaut"

Chinese called their spacemen "taikonaut"



- Unknown

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Richard Branson, Again....

"Compelling. Brilliant. Revealling. Funny. Inspirational. Extraordinary."

"Grabs you on page one and never lets go."

The above are some of the reviews printed at the back of the book.
Normally, I find that these book reviews rather fake.
But not for this one. After 5 days of reading, this book has not disappoint me at all. Page by page flipped and turned, but there was not a single dull moment. This book revolves around the life of Richard Branson. For those who does not know who he is, try googling him. I bet there are easily thousands of hit, if not millions, all documenting him and his very famous brand, "Virgin".

Below are some snippits of the part of the book which I read so far.


Sex, Student and Virgin
Living life in the age of the hippies (imagine the time when long hair, dirty look, is a must for every guy) and where "free love"(read sex) was all around. Read how he exposed himself in business line, starting with Student magazine, selling mail order records through the magazine, and eventually settled with record stores in the early 70's. See how he and his partners differentiated themselves from the rest of the competitors, and how the word "branding" was put to good use.

God Save The Queen and Tubular Bells
From record store, he moved on to create a recording company, effectively giving him the chance to sign singers and bands. The spectacular Mike Oldfield with his chart topping Tubular Bells and the controversial and short lived Sex Pistols, these 2 bands catapulted Virgin Records into a different league, competing with Polygram and EMI, two well known recording companies. However, after youtubing Mike Oldfield, it just beats me how did the 70's generation managed to accept his genre of music. *shrug*
By the way, did you know that Sex Pistol was among the pioneer of punk music movement? Although this band's lifespan last only a few years, they have created a strong foundation for punk music to expand further. I could say that without Sex Pistols, there won't be Green Day or Nirvana (although some may argue that both are alternative rock genre and not punk, I shall leave it to you guys to decide).

Oh yea, it was worthy to mentioned how did the name "bollocks" came about (Princess, do take note :) ). Apparently, Virgin Record got prosecuted and brought to court for promoting one of Sex Pistols's title album which contained the word bollocks. However, after getting an English professor to stand as defence, it was then revealed that the word was actually a nickname for priests in the eighteenth century. You know, all priest delivers long hours of sermons, which most of the time nonsense in nature (or talk cock, in today's language), bollocks eventually associated with the meaning of "rubbish". But there was also another meaning of bollocks, and that mean balls (testicles, in gentleman language), and Virgin was hauled up to court for commiting offense, that is indecent advertisement. However, the court was convinced with the professor's argument and Virgin was free.

Birth of An Airline, Thanks To A Cancelled Flight
While he was on his holiday in Virgin Island (no, this is a name of a country, not Richard's private island. He bought one island of his own one in later date though) with his lover, he wanted to fly to Puerto Rico, but the flight was cancelled. Not wanting to give up, he rented a small aeroplane for his own. The aeroplane can carry more than 2 person. Being a prudent person both in life and business, he sold off the rest of the seats in the plane to other passengers who wanted to go to the same destination. And he did this by just putting up a signboard which says "Virgin Airways : $39 Single Flight To Puerto Rico". It sold off like hot cakes and hence, the birth of Virgin Airway.


Well, 413 pages more to go. I can't wait to read more. Shall update more on his book, if I have the mood to write. LOL.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

From One Billionaire To Another

What does a plastic flower seller and a school magazine publisher have in common?

1. They lead a very boring life.
Plastic flower seller sounds so oh-so-uninteresting, and school magazine publisher doesn't have time other than for editing/writing articles.
2. Both are dead profession.
Who wants to buy plastic flower nowadays? They are so outdated! Student nowadays doesn't read anymore. They prefer internet more than picking up a school magazine.
3. Both are on their way to be a billionaire.

The answer is (3). Don't believe? Well, read on then.


One started off as a plastic flower seller during his young days, and then moved onto property. With his magic touch, the price of his property rise, thus making him richer along the way. From the wealth he raised through property flipping, he managed to take over an ailing hong (large companies; conglomerate), Hutchison Whampoa, whose business ranges from port, retail and pharmacy (Telecommuncation, entertainment industry were included in later years). His business ventures oversea, in particular China and Canada, had created a mass fortune. Through his own flagship public listed company, Cheung Kong, this reputable entrepreneur eventually owned one of the largest business empire in the world. Known to be a very honest and humble person, he won praises. Integrity were the part of him and this has won respect from people around him. He was also instrumental in bridging the gap between Hong Kong and mainland China (prior to 1997) for he has strong political connection with the latter. Though he has immense wealth, he was very down to earth and he despised wealth floundering; the same discipline he instilled in his two sons.

He was listed as 11th richest man in the world in year 2008, with wealth of USD$26.5 billion (source: Wikipedia).

"If you want to be successful, whatever you business or position, you need to accept different opinions and different people. Why did the Yangtze become a long river? It's because it can accept smaller rivers and become big. If you're too powerful and reject the smaller waters, you cannot become a long river"
- Li Ka Shing


The other, a dyslexic and impossibly poor in mathematics, dreamed of being a journalist. To realize his dream, he started off as a school magazine publisher. Gathering funds to kick-off his pet project at the age of fifteen by convincing companies to put up advertisement in the magazine, he managed to start his first edition. Other than securing funds, he was also involved in interviewing public personalities such as Mick Jagger and John Lennon for articles for his magazine. A few years later, he started off a brand which eventually become one of the well known brand in the world - Virgin. Business ranges from entertainment industry, airlines, rail transportation, retail, broadcasting, hotels, properties, telecommunication and many more. This brilliant entrepreneur is well known for his crazy attempts when it comes to adventures. Sailing across the Atlantic ocean in record time, hot air ballon attempt in later years, and fastest time in crossing the English channel using an amphibious vehicle were his definition of "adventure".

He was listed as 245th richest man in the world, with wealth of USD$26.5 billion
(source: Wikipedia)


For you guys who daydream/aspire/ambition to become a billionaire, I strongly suggest to read the following autobiography of the two above. I personally find them very interesting, especially the one on Richard Branson. It's funny and entertaining.

By the way, I am starting my own business of plastic flowers and magazine publishing. Anyone want to chip in?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

"No one understands me"

"Me. I understand you"

"That's sweet. But my bladder is about to burst. Can we get on with this?"


"You want to move to Florida? Why would you want to do that? Only oranges grow up in Florida"

Friday, September 19, 2008

Another Malaysian's Attempt For The Oscar Award

This movie will go down the history as the best short movie ever created by a Malaysian.
Hope you guys will enjoy watching it, coz I did. I watched it almost 5 or 6 times and I laughed till my tears came out. Simply classic!! Brilliant, simply brilliant! 

Let's pray that this director won't get ISA-ed or being sued for defamation. Or even get prosecuted for publishing a highly seditious video.

Whatever the outcome, I agree with the last sentence by the Hitler.

Bee En is F*CKED

masterpiece by

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Recession Or Not?

Some of you may have read about the fall down of AIG group, some may not.
Some may even heard of the issues surrounding Lehmann groups, some may not.
And also the one about Merrill Lynch.

And what is that all about?
Well, for more information, read this few articles.

Fed Backtracked
How AIG Impacts The World
Rescue Rises To USD900 Billion

In the meantime, get all your savings bucked up. Pull out all the money from the equities.
Cash is king during recession. Stay put, as we are heading into one. And its a rough one that is.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shifting Again!! But To Heaven This Time

I have shifted, again. This new place shall be my fifth place I am staying in the past ten months. That means approximately two months in one place. I was mad and pissed when I got to know about this. I mean, I can't help it as I feel that I am just like a ball, where I can be kicked here and there whenever the management feels like it. It doesn't help on the morale you know? Especially when you are asked to stay behind while the rest of my colleagues are requested back to KL office for a new project.

I don't mind to stay in Lumut. After all, I like it here very much. Nice food, peaceful town, cheap stuff, more money. But staying here just to clear other people's shit, now that isn't a very nice thing to do right?

Anyway, here I am, in my new apartment. Things doesn't look that bad after all. This place is the best of all I have lived in, and in fact, it would be one of my ideal apartment. Let me bring you for a short tour around...

Spacious living room with a chandelier, fully air conditioned and a carpet right in the middle of the room. And what I like most in this room is the "leopard-skin" sofa set.

A close up look on the leopard-skin sofa. I don't know why, but this sofa gives me a feeling of emptiness.

Wouldn't my life be great if this comes together with the sofa?

A beautiful and sexy lady in leopard bikini suit! Read it out! Leopard.. bikini.. suit!!!
Oh man, I am almost climaxing as I type this!
I wouldn't work for any overtime if I have the lady above at my place 24/7. Would tell my boss to fuck off should he requires me to do any work after 5.

Another pretty babe in leopard suit!! Arrgghh!! It's torturing to see this!! Let me have the lady in ...leopard.. bikini.. suit !!!!!

But sadly, I have this on my sofa instead. Not a leopard, but a hippotamus!!
Life doesn't treat me well, dont' u agree?

Thank God, I have this as a consolation to all my sorrows.

A balcony with 2 rattan chairs for people to enjoy the view of the swimming pool, two floors below. Now, is there any girl who wants to take up the chair?

And here I go when hungry..

Fully furnished with wooden cabinets and kitchen top. And also exhaust fans (one above the cooking place and one on the wall) to suck all the oily smells our of the kitchen.

And a place for me to relax and unwind after hours of works.
My oh-so-cozy room, all with lamps by both sides of the bed.

And a comfy desk by the window, where I can get free wireless connection and surfing with a view....

A view of the swimming pool, with the Dinding river at the background, covered by trees.

And finally, a place to rejuvenate my body after a tiring day at work.

A mixture of lavender bath mixture would be the excellent remedy. Oh by the way, the bath tub is big enough for two person. Great bath are meant to be shared, don't you agree?

That's all for the tour. Now, i's time to find that other person for the bath. :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Egg Balancing on The Bull's Horn

Today is the day that Malaysian were promised a change.
I don't see anything happening yet, other than talks.
Perhaps our friend Anwar is talking cock? Talk cock, duck or cow, we will know later today.

Market is getting jittery and almost breaching 1000 points barrier. Things are getting more unstable, and foreign funds fleeing the country. It's equally disturbing to see Farish Noor's article about estimated USD1.1 billion leaving the country in the month of August alone (see here). Could someone be on the run? Your guess is as good as mine.

So, quo vadi Malaysia?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Of Economy and Opportunity

If anything could go wrong, it will go wrong.
- Murphy's Law

With the recent turmoil in our political senario, I thought things could have been really really bad.
But after reading this, I could have guessed that there are more grave news yet to come. Barely one week has passed since the announcement of a USD5 billion bailout of Freddie Mac and Fannie May, and today, one of the reputable investment banks has filed for bankcruptcy. Another telltale signs of global economy crisis in the loom. Am I the only one who is having a very pessimistic view of the current world economy at the moment? 

One may perceive it as a bad news, but for another, one could look at it as an opportunity, just like this one. I woudl not be suprised to see more companies buying into another ailing companies in the upcoming weeks. Its a shopping spree for the cash-rich companies out there! 

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Do I Look Stupid To You, Mr Goverment?

A group of parliamentarian organizing a so called "study trip " to learn about the agriculture industry. And this takes places when a typhoon was about to hit the country. (see here)
And then, our brillian opposition played a cat-and-mouse game, supposedly chasing after them. (see here)

HELLO?? Why are you fucking morons spending all the unnecessary resources and time doing such silly things? Don't you guys have better things to do, such as administering our lazy local council, thinking of ways to make our transportation better, pulling in more foreign investments, etc?

A journalist was detained under ISA for reporting the facts about racist remark uttered by a politician. And reason given was "to protect her and ensure she is safe" (sourced here and here)
And then, releasing her back to the society the next day after detaining. Guess she can survive herself out there without the "police protection" huh?

Oh ya, does that mean everytime we feel our life is threatened, we can call up the police and tell them to ISA us? Lets hope the Kamunting center is expanded to accommodate more people, or else it would be turn into another Guatelama prison. Bad publicity to Malaysia you know?

Anyway, the wrongdoer (who uttered the racist remark) was not detained in ISA. He however, was banned for 3 years by the political party. When asked by he was not detained under ISA, the Home Minister replied that he was already slapped with the ban and that is sufficient.

??? So, can I say I can join UMNO, scream out loud that "XXX" is a fucking bigot religion and "XXX" is the race of bastards, get "lectured" by UMNO committees and get banned for a few years, and everything will be fine? Why don't I just join UMNO, go all out and commit selective-race genocide and then ban me for life? That would serve me right!

And to add more salt to the wound, this Minister said the ISA issue will only have short term effect on the economy (read here).

Oh really, my dear Minister? Please go to this website and see for yourself at Teresa Kok's portfolio. Who in the logical mind would want to invest in Malaysia, when the one who sourced for foreign investment was detained under ISA?

I am too dumbfounded and embarassed to write any further.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Another Bad Tiding Part 2

One of many things that makes me sad and ashamed of being a Malaysian.

I can't believe that there wasn't any actions taken on the teacher. Transfering her to another school is just a mere slap on the wrist. Seditious and purely racist remarks uttered by her, and yet she got scots-free. Police report was made, but no investigation took place. Even the Education ministry keep mums and refused to impose any disciplinary actions on her.

51 years of independence does not mean a single thing to me if the government still condones open racism. What the current government preaches are just another form of colonization. What is taking place is another apartheid in the making, whereby the non-Malay are being marginalize.

When will we ever achieve pure independence? Could 916 direct us towards that direction?
I can only pray for that day to come.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Youtube On A Saturday Morning..

What an excellent way to start the day.
Hog the office's bandwith by streaming multiplye youtube videos!

From weird deep sea fishes and offshore construction, right down to the amazing guitar skills of Tracy Bundy and the ever beautiful melody of Pachelbel's Canon In D.

Losing my religion , especially during this dark times in Malaysia, couldn't sound any better. :)

Youtube has certainly make my day... Ahh, another few hours to go before punching out.