Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sinking Deeper And Deeper

Latest news.

I shall no longer be with the Labuan project team. My previuos project manager wants me back in his team.

GOD!! No~~~~~

Alas, my capability and strength has been overlooked again, and I shall be back to the old team and left rotting with nobody cares.

Need to get out of this F.A.S.T!!!

On the brighter side, at least i know that I will not be posted to Labuan anytime now.


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Cassette Tapes...

Went rummaging through some of the old boxes that my mother kept behind the house and guess what I found??

Cassette tapes!!!!

Those music tapes which were celebrated all over the world before the mass production of CD sent them into the brink of extinction. Don't think people nowadays will listen to these tapes anymore as digital format are easily available everywhere. Can just download any songs from the internet.

Found 2 boxes of these tapes. Some of these tapes dated back to mid 80's to late 90's. Some of the singers are as follow:-

1. New Kids On The Block

2. Jackie Cheung

3. Wu Chi Sien (Malaysian singer who later rooted in Hong Kong)

4. Alan Tam
5. Lui Fong
6. Norman Cheung Lap Kei
7. Sandy Lam
8. Billy Joel
9. Lionel Richie
10. Aaron Kwok (with the mushroom hairstyle)
11. Vanilla Ice

and the list goes on..

Majority of these tapes belongs to my sister. I only bought a few, totalling less than 20. It cost about RM 11.90 each (tat was in 1995) and jumped to RM 14.90 (4 or 5 years later, after the economy crisis).

These are some of the albums which I bought. And boy was I glad to see them again!! I have almost forgotten that I have these beautiful albums in my collections.

Top left to right - Ella, Radiohead, Silverchair, Guns & Roses (pirated version)
Bottom left to right - Beyond, Nirvana, Third Eye Blind, Radiohead

One of my favourite band - Radiohead. And you guys should check out these 2 album of theirs. The errie vocal of Thom Yorke plus the electronica mix with distorted guitar and bass sound plus cleverly improvised drum beats is just fabulous! They deserved the Grammy that they won last few years

There are also other cassettes in my collection, but it wont be possible to elaborate them here.

For now, I have picked out about 13 of these cassettes and stored them in my car. Can listen to them again in my trusty old Kelisa's (not so) hi-fi audio system.

Am I the only one in this world who still listens to cassette player? LOL

Gong Xi Gong Xi~~~~

I planned to write this earlier, but no thanks to the tortoise-like connection speed of a dial-up connection back home in Seremban, I had to postpone this till i have access to a broadband connection.

*Tit tit tit tiitt* (Sounds of a modem during connection)

Yeah, those annoying tit-tit sound can really bring you nightmare. And the super slow speed is just as torturing as being in an Abu Ghraib prison.

Anyway, hope it is still not too late to wish you guys

Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happie New Year~~~~

This year's celebration was just like every other year. Makan makan, visit visit, gamble gamble, minum minum, lou sang.

Only get to spend 5 days in hometown as I have to start work on the 5th day of CNY. Not like last year where I get to spend one whole week plus. Sigh. No bonus this year some more. Heard that my ex-company got one month bonus. *Sob sob*

Just pray and hope that this year will be a better year than last year. *fingers crossed*

Here are some of the photos taken during the celebration.

*Reunion dinner at auntie's house*

*Family - mother side*

*Lou Sang - The messy way*

*Old school mates*

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Things People Do When They Are Stuck In Traffic Jam

These are some of the observations that i noticed when I am stucked in a traffic jam on the road.

1. Nose picking.
Yup, pretty gross but tat's wat people do. Maybe they think that nobody will notice them when they go gold-digging. How wrong they are.

2. Singing along to the song played in the radio/CD player
Wat a good way to practise the songs before going for a karaoke session. Oh yea, u can also notice of them bouncing their head to the rhythm of the song. And there are also some drummer-wannabe who will pretend to be drumming away.

3. Talking on the phone / Playing with the phone
The campaign on "No Phones While Driving" does not seems to work at all here in Malaysia. Drivers toying with the phone keypad are noticeable. 101% they are SMS-ing away.

4. Staring blankly into the empty space
*stare stare blink blink*

5. Cursing
Yeah, these drivers will just curse at anything and everything that is moving while they are still stuck in the jam and not moving at all. These group of drivers are impatient and will jump queue when the opportunity arises. And if other cars jump into their queue, they wil curse and there will be highly not willing to give way. Their mindset is set tat they are the king of the road and they claim throne on the road. To them, they are always right and whatever other people do are dead wrong.

6. Reading
A good chance to read papers/magazines/books/brochures/signboards/etc.

7. Smoking
It baffles me how can they can withstand the intense heat and smoke emitted from vehicles when they lowered down the windows to catch a ciggi break. But one interesting point is that I have never encountered a girl who smokes while driving.

8. Eating
A quickie of snacks. This can be twisties, kit-kat, or cookies.

9. Taking a quick nap
Ahh.. Wat a nice moment to catch a wink or two.

10. Putting on make-up (applicable to girls only)
Lipsticks, putting on facial powder, mascara, etc.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Love Is In The Air...

Yeah, it's the time of the year again. The pathetic V-Day. Time where flowers are worth more than gold, chocolates more expensive than silvers and restaurants pricing which shoots skyrocket - all in the name of L.O.V.E.

Anyway, here are some of the lovey-dovey moments which was beautifully captured on camera. The effects and human expressions are just perfect and one can sense the happiness and love just by looking at them. Hope you will enjoy them coz I did.

ps: All these photos can be found here.

Friday, February 09, 2007

No More MTV In Youtube.. *sniff sniff* :(

This is wat i get when i wanted to watch my favourite MTV "Dashboard Confessional - Stolen " which i posted some time ago.

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Viacom International Inc.

Crap!!! No thanks to the idiots in Viacom who banned youtube from displaying the music videos. :(

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Can Someone Borrow Me A Lighter?

My feeling at the moment : Screwed up, anger, low self esteem, basically i am all fucked up.

Need to evaluate myself and rectify my weaknesses. I am pretty sure I have plenty of it but due to my ignorance and (laziness??), I didn't take much effort to change them.

Time is running out and I need to buck up or I wil be left behind. A big hurdle I am facing at the moment. Just need to do something that can boost my confidence and elevate my self esteem.

Ok, need sometime for myself. Need to clear my mind. Need to focus on myself. I shall make up a list of my strength and weaknesses and i shall seriously think of ways to rectify them.

Need to channel all the anger in me into something positive. But on second tot, i think it is good to have some anger in myself. Normally, i don get angry easily as I will tend to forget these angry moments very fast. Perhaps from the selective memory, or should i say lousy memory of mine, i have subconsciously suppressed the "fire" within me. Perhaps this explains why I tend to be weak and lack of energy. For the information, my natural element is "Fire" (according to the chinese feng shui and ba zi) and it was said that fire within me will do me good (or bad if i am unable to control it). Perhaps i should bring up the fire within me and keep the fire burning in me. Maybe that will release all the energy in me and turn me into a better person. Until then, can someone borrow me a lighter?

Adventure? Nah, It's Part of My Job

If you notice from some of my previous articles, I have been complaining a hell lot about the low activity level at my work place (in short, not much work to do). Pretty boring stayin in the office whole day long doing nothing. Makes u feel even more sleepier and all the energy wil jsut drain off. Tats what i have been facing for the past 2 months plua. It's a bit funny as my current position requires me to go to site, but this is my third month here and yet i havent got the chance to step to any site yet.

But not anymore. I have just been transfered to another team early last month and there is an ongoing project currently. Woo hoo~~ Spent the first few weeks doing some paperwork (pretty clueless and question marks keep on popping above my head most of the time), but at least i was occupied with works. Finally, i feel appreciated and acknowledged by the company. Hehe. I can't go on forever drawing a blind salary doing nothing, can I? But still, doing paperworks such as documentation, speadsheets, printing drawings, plus staying in the office whole day can be rather boring. And again, my motivation level is beginnig to show signs of declination. But thank god one of my colleague asked me to help him out at the site. Yippee~~~ Finally, I have the chance to don the company jacket and go out jalan jalan.

Grabbed a hard hat (those construction helmet) and took a ride on our company car. Err, not exactly a luxuriuos car. Not even a proton. Instead, its a worn out Suzuki Jimmy. Malfunction air cond. Cushion seat is all torn off. Bumpy ride as it has a hard suspension. Typical characteristic of a 4WD.

Just some info regarding my current project - Our company's scope of work was to construct steel structures for a methanol plant for our client, Petronas at Labuan.

And some info on the flow of the work- We wil procure (buy) the raw materials, and these materials wil be sent to the fabrication yard. Over here at the workshop, these raw materials wil be fabricated according to the drawings/engineering designs. Once the fabrication works completed, these steel structures wil be sent for hot-dip galvanization (which literally means, dipping into hot galvanized pool). Yup, steel can rust easily if exposed to weather, therefore the galvanizing process will keep these steel from rusty. After these steel has been galvanized, they wil be transported to a freight forwarder company for packing and bundling. After packing/bundling, they wil be sent to the port to be shipped out to Labuan.

It wil take about one week to reach Labuan. Then once these goods arrived at Labuan, our ppl at Labuan site will erect these structures accordingly. Tats basically the whole picture of wat our company do. Of coz there are lots of things which i hav left out of the picture as it is quite impossible to type out all the things from A to Z. Wont go deep into all this technical stuff as it is rather boring i say. :)

Here are some of the photos of the places that i went.

Steel structures after being fabricated at the workshop.

Steel structures stacked up at the galvanizing shop. Notice all the orangy-redish colour? Those are the signs of oxidation or rust in layman terms.

These steel has to undergo a chemical treatment prior to galvanising. They have to be dipped into certain chemical which wil remove the rust from the surface.
One can notice a very pungent smell here as those acids interact with the rust and corrode them.

After acid treatment, they are dipped into a pool of hot molten galvanize. These galvanised liquid can reach temperature of 400 plus degree Celcius. As the steel are dipped into the pool, bubbles wil start to form on the liquid surface and burst. If one is standing too near, he/she better pray hard that these burst bubble wont hit them. Ouch~

Voila!! Finised product of hot-dip galvanizing. Shining like brand new!

Packaging/bundling/tagging being done at the freight forwarder's yard

Goods finally being sent to the port to be shipped out

A peek into the ship

Working under the hot sun, sweating all over, driving in a almost worn out Suzuki Jimmy without aircond, bumpy rides, dirty condition of sites, smells of acids, running around under the sun, going to the port, walking around on the ship checking stuff, hand getting dirtied. I just love it. For first time, I felt so alive. Hahahaha.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Plum Blossom

All the photos were taken at The Curve, except for the first 2 photos. Very nice kan?