Monday, April 16, 2007

I Dare You

At last, managed to upload this damn video. Enjoy .. . .


First heard this song in American Idol, performed by the bald rocker wannabe - Chris Daughtry. Don really like him and his rocker poser look, but he sounded great with this song.

And i hv almost forgotten about the existence of this song until played this again. Hence, i have posted it here to share this cool song with you all.

Have a nice weekend.


Going outdoor climbing at Mont Kiara tomorrow. Woo hoo!! Can't wait for the day to come!! Woo hooo~~~

Thursday, April 12, 2007

... ... ...

*Are they worried that society is relying too much on credit card and has little money to give to them - the poor chaps?... or are they worried of emerging "competitors" due to rise of people with credit card debts?*

*i have 5 email addresses, but i don see myself own 5 houses. Damn*

*spamming, the old fashion way*

*hmm...what's my password then?*

*human would be doomed to extinction if they have only 2 fingers, don u agree?
But why didnt they invent mouse with 5 buttons to accomodate all our 5 fingers?*

*perhaps one day all the emergency numbers will be changed
to just a press of a "F1" button*



Head and Shoulder (mint) and Vaseline really work wonder!!

Itchy scalp and lip is beginning to diminish after trying them out yesterday.

Thanks to nomilk and pj for recommending the above.


Just knew that vaseline is actually 100% petroleum jelly (a mixture of hydrocarbons). And a guy by the name of Cheesebrough realised its commercial potential after discovering this gel from the oil riggers in United States. After developing and refining the gel, this product was promoted as ointment to heal wounds and cuts. However it was later found out that this claim was baseless. The ointment only helped to seal off the wound from the air and prohibits germs and bacterias from entering the wound. Nowadays, petroleum jelly is used widely in skin related products such as cosmetics.


Monday, April 09, 2007

Itchy Itchy!!!

*scratch scratch*

White snowy specks falling whenever i scratch my headscalp. Sometimes it's like snow storm if i scratch harder. Problem has been persistent since half year ago.

And lips which is as dry as a Sahara desert. And its killing me with the dryness and itchiness. Must be something that i ate that made me allergic. It's so itchy that I feel like cutting my lips off!!

*scratch scratch*

Head & shoulder doesn't work on the dandruff problem. And lip balm doesn't cure my lips. Am I the only guy who puts on lipbalm?

Help me~~~ Arghh!!!

*scratch scratch*

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Blogging and Politics

It's a suprise that our beloved politician can think of such great idea - registering bloggers. Come to think of it, this brilliant idea would definitely put our country in the spotlight. Now, isn't this a great idea? If the registration of blogger is carried out, then this will be the first in the world and we can claim our victory" in the Guiness Book of Record for the category of "The First Country In The World To Register Bloggers". Plus, a good way to promote Malaysia too as we shall have a law to govern the cyber bloggers. A first of its kind in cyber-law. Perhaps this might pave way for Malaysia to be a leader in this field? How wonderful. Another world record for our beloved country.

I bet every Malaysian would be very proud of how our small country can achieve records and show our mighty prowess. World's longest satay, world's longest flag drapped at Wall of China, first Malaysian sent to space, first in everything! In the eye of the world, we are capable of achieving any feat.

I wonder what will be next in store for us? Perhaps the brainy politician should make it mandatory to register all the email addresses? Yeah, this will help in detering people from sending malicious emails once is carried out. Brilliant. Just brilliant. I would suggest them to put up a lucky draw with a grand prize of brand new Perodua MyVi for people who register. That will surely garner attraction.

Or another suggestion, they can make it compulsary to register first prior to posting any comments in the internet (such as posting comments in other blog's, website, forum, etc). And again, throw in a lucky draw. Maybe a brand new Proton Gen2 or Savvy.


Dumb founded. Baffled. Bewildered. Tat's what I feel right now.


Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Random photos on some animals.

*Ain't I cute?*

* Look at my beautiful eyes*

This cat lives behind my house in Seremban. Don't have any idea where it came from, but judging from the fur and physical look, she must have belongs to someone and definitely not a stray cat. This cat looks alike to the cat that I once had when I was a little child. Had the intention to steal this cat away, but I didn't have the heart to do it anyway. Plus, I don think I wil have the time to look after it. Oh well..

This puppy is sniffing for a place to do some shitty business in my garden.

Messy Hairdo

Jason's cute lil' bunny. I named it "Ah Goo". Has a fur coat of black and white. Just like a panda bear.

These two frogs came out of nowehere and found a place to reside at my rented house in Puchong. Comes out almost every night to play around in the garden. Seriously. No kidding. I name them Froggie and Kodok.