Wednesday, June 25, 2008


A new laptop with a brand new Operating System - Windows Vista.
Should be a good product eh?

Point no. 3.

"Use the most popular hardware and software"

Norton Antivirus Enterprise Version 11.0
Mcafee Virus Scan Plus 2007 Full
Panda Antivirus Plus Firewall 2007
Norton Antivirus 2004

These 4 anti virus softwares were launched barely 2 years ago (except for Norton AV 2004), and yet these softwares can't be installed in Vista.
Tried installing earlier versions of Winamp (released in year 2004), PowerDVD, and some other popular softwares, but to no avail. WTF?? How can this asshole mislead us?

And not just that. I can't install properly the driver of my phone, a Sony Ericsson K750i. Never mind if my phone model was 3+ years old, but you don't need to rub that in, right? A message popped up saying "Unable to load resources" when I ran the execution file. A 40+ MB file usually requires less than 1 min to complete installation, but it took about 15 mins to do that, with some annoying pop up messages appearing after that.

All the precious photos in my phone disappeared into thin air after I connected it to the laptop. Photos of my nephew, project photos, my go-kart photos, hiking photos are all gone! Gone, gone, gone!! I bet my mum and sis would be very disappointed when they hear this. Sigh.

A quick search in the internet on Vista gave rather bad comments, especially on the compatibility of certain softwares with the OS, which also happens to be the same problem I am facing right now.

New doesn't always translate into a better product. Sad to say, but this operating system is just like a dumb blonde.

Pretty outside, zero inside!

This product has certainly badawi-ed me!!!

badawi [baa-daa-wee] (noun): To start something full of promise but end in disappointment, failure and/or disaster.
Hint:- Think of the 5th Prime Minister of Malaysia

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

HIbernation and Inflation

After 3 months of "hibernation", finally, I am back! Hope the procrastination and laziness in me will not push me back into taking another longer vacation. With a new laptop, and reliable broadband connection, there should not be any excuse for me not to update my blog eh?

Life has been fairly good here in this Moss town. Job has been interesting, albeit a bit slow this few days as the project is about to complete. Planning, scheduling and project controlling work are definitely the right choice to me. So much things to learn, and you are exposed to the in and out of the project environment. There was never a dull moment. Not dull at all, especially looking at the bright prospect this job can give. This job will end soon, and I don't know if the company will put me into the same position in the next upcoming project. Hope that the company managed to secure some big project soon. I am particularly interested in the proposed joint venture with another main contractor to bid for a similar job as current one. And I am also hoping that the discussion with a Middle East company on the brownfield job will come true. If it do, then perhaps I would have my very first chance of assigning for oversea job? That will be cool!

Until then, I would give myself 6 months to learn all about the P3 and Microsoft Project software. If the bids did not materialise by then, off I go to some other country. Contemplating of joining some Singaporean company just to gain the experience as a planner/scheduler. That would be a very good chance to gear myself to move on to bigger role. And of course, to aim for the big MULLAH~~~

Speaking of mullah, I just wondering how can one in the lower income group survive in the current economy environment. Inflation is skyrocketing, and our gov is still in denial while painting a bright picture and trying to brainwash us into saying that things are ok. Price wont increase much, blah blah blah..

Removal of ceiling price of cement.
Same goes for steel price.
Removal of real property tax gain.
These 3 will push up property prices. One could end up sleeping in the street.

Increase of rice price.
Chicken and pork price also goes up.
Doesn't need rocket science to tell you that food price will eventually increase, do you?

And lastly, mother of all price increase - hefty 40% of petrol/diesel price increment!
The massive increase will trigger price increase in almost anything. Electricity, transportation, food, products, etc.

And they dare to say that inflation is under control. NIAMAH!!
I am not against removing the subsidy, but they've gotta do it gradually, and not drastically at one shot! Remember, the salary increment has not increase in tandem with the inflation.
Don't let those in the lower income group suffer as they are the one who are badly hit during times like this.

And with the hot stuff brewing in the background, the share market has been dropping like shit. Hmm. Gotta start saving mullah as recession is inevitable. Let's pray hard that we will brave through the storm safely.