Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Au Revoir, Mon Amour

I thought that our love will last forever.
I was wrong.
I know that the time we know each other is short, but we could give it a try if we could.
But you didn't.
Maybe we will work out just fine if you are willing to give ourselves a chance.
But we began to fall apart.
You try to avoid me, I know it.
Avoid seeing me, or even answering my call.
I could never find any thing wrong that I did that caused you to do so.
Could it be my lack of attention? Or me not beside you in times of need?
I could never understand.

But now I do.
You finally have the courage to admit that you are seeing someone else.
That really hurt my heart. Like a stab, deep into me.
And worse still, you are going to marry that bastard and bear his child.
I will never forgive you for this despicable act.

Farewell, my love.

ps: I will still keep those beautiful photo collection of yours. That will be handy in times of need.


Anonymous said...

omfg, ur dream just shattered i know. at this point of time, you haev to be strong, and continue to live happily. its time to open the door and let the opportunities in, u will never know

Anonymous said...

that lucky sotb

Big Bad Wolf said...


yup, i wil open my eyes wide. Shall continue to search for other trees.

i wish i was that sotb LOL

Anonymous said...

i think you should stop hoping she does porn now.. fat hope :`(

Anonymous said...

lol...when i clicked on the link i found it more interesting to read the reader's comments instead. What a bimbo! Good riddance

Cheong said...

Eh anonymous,
She is not bimbo lah. Please don insult me gf!! Huhuhh

Btw, porn sounds so insulting. i prefer to call it "body art" instead.

Anonymous said...

anything involve penetration like those that u see everyday is never considered art

Big Bad Wolf said...

anonymous, i wouldnt' want leah dizon to engage in those "poke-in-poke-out" activities. That would be very degrading for her indeed.

If partial nude modelling, then i can still accept la. Modelling can be considered an art whut?

Anonymous said...

art my ass....


EC said...

Wahahaha....yet another shotgun marriage in the world of "celery-bicthy". Worry not. Give the "blissful" marriage 2 years top and you will get her back to the market.

Anonymous said...

wouldnt want poke in poke out? u r behaving like our politicians, never fail to amuse me ....degrading? stop deceiving urself, she is fucking everyday with her bf, in more positions beyond ur wildest imagination. truth hurts i know.. now what?

Big Bad Wolf said...

Sigh @ anonymous.

Maybe i didnt get my idea across.
I was saying that I dont want to see Leah in AV movies, showing her engaging in poking activities coz that would only lower her image.
I want to keep a good memory of her angelic look. :)

now u are giving me hope. LOL.
I am looking forward to that day to happen. Hehehe