Thursday, December 14, 2006


Tot that changing job would be a good thing for me. But instead of green pasture greeting me, all i could see is dark horizon looming over. Never knew that life with nothing to do would be so freaking bleak! A young lad full of hope and spirit is slowly morphing into a ghoulish zombie. The emptiness is sucking the positive energy like a massive black hole and sucking me dry.

I can only hope for ray of light to rejuvenate and turning me back into a real human again.

Until then, the clock is ticking. Wolf turning into a zombie.


Anonymous said...

Finally an update! so proud of you *pats back*

sigh... cheer up man. Worst come to worst just balik to ur old kompeni le. can ah?

take this opportunity to be productive and find out what you need to know about the O&G industry. I'll try to 'sau fung' for you OKIE.

By the way the grass is always greener cause there's more shit mah... :P cheers

Big Bad Wolf said...

Yeah, been doing lots of online searching and reading on O&G. And also will read those journals/periodical that my company subscribed. Gonna learn the shit out of the company.

But again, reading and reading is killing all my brain cells.

Hahaha.. :)