Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy happy Datuk Z

1. He built his own mansion (very huge mansion) smack in the middle of a kampung area without the local council's approval. And he was one of the municipal council.

(His lovely mansion - built without approval)

2. He demolished a satay stall for being a competitor to his own satay stall (DZ restoran) which was located just right opposite the road. And he used the excuse that the opposite stall was illegally built without any prior approval from the local council. It was later found out that his own stall was also illegally build on the government land. His stall was demolished, but no fine was imposed on him.

3. He was summoned by the Sultan to clarify the two issues above, but he excused himself and told that he was ill. He was caught vacationing with his family on an island the next day. Sultan got mad at this and summoned him again the following day, but no stern action was taken on him.

4. He had hidden the fact that he was a undischarged bankruptcy when held the Senator post, which was unlawful under the law. He got off scot-free.

5. He was a director of a few companies which has committed various offences under the Companies Act 1965 such as failing to submit annual financial report and Profit and Loss Statement, failing to conduct annual meeting, etc. 37 charges were levied to him by the Companies Commission earlier this year, but today's paper reported that all the charges were dropped. Companies Commission's prosecutor Azmil Haron told magistrate Fadzilatul Isma Ahmad Refngah that he had been instructed to withdraw the charges against the two companies and its directors. The defence lawyers said that the charges were withdrawn because "outstanding problems had been settled".

Datuk Zakaria Mohd Derus smiling away happily as he knows that Malaysia practises and fully embrace abuse of power, corruption and a dysfuntional legal system.

Aren't you proud to be a Malaysian?


JL said...


that's my respond

Big Bad Wolf said...

Curse those corrupted dogs down to hell!!!