Thursday, August 30, 2007

Time To Migrate... To A New Blog

Think it would be good for me stop posting all the Malaysia political issues here in this blog. After all, this negative news will just make my blog dark and gloomy. And wouldn't want those bastards to use ISA against me for spreading the truth about Malaysia. Those bastards are capable of doing anything. Don't believe? Well, try reading this. (Right click the link and press "Save As" to your desktop).

As Malaysia will be celebrating its birthday tomorrow, and since the government has been trying very hard to instill sense of patriotism into us (successful or not, that's another story), I decided to heed the call and I shall potray patriotism in my own way. No flag waving like the hypocrites who only show their action once a year. Not going to organize big merdeka celebration like how the corrupted politicians who sucks the national coffer dry for their own hidden agenda. Instead, I am gonna join hands with other people who share similar views as I am, that is to expose the core and heart of the corrupted and idiotic government of Malaysia. I maybe a small kuchimiau who no one knows or even bothers, but I just hope that with what I am doing, I can create awareness to the society (or to the world) to reject the brainless goverment.

As of now, I am just too ashame to say that I am one as there is nothing proud of staying in a country that is heading south/cuckoo. A supposedly beautiful country are now raped and pillaged by the corrupted soul.

Oh well, enough of the so called patriotism speech.

Ladies and gentlemen..



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