Friday, October 05, 2007

Offshore Again..

Posted some of the photos that I took while I was working at offshore last few days. Normally, one would require a permit from the OIM (also known as Offshore Installation Manager, the big boss) to take photos while at platform. You see, the platform is a highly hazardous area and a single flash could trigger an explosion in the worst case. Therefore, flame detectors are installed throughout the platform to detect any unwanted sparks. If you are using flash while taking photos, then detectors will detect these flashes as fire and false alarm will be triggered.

But as the whole platform was not in operational due to shutdown for upgrading, I was allowed to take snapshots. No need to go through the hassle of applying permits.

Cakerawala Cluster of Platforms
(left to right : Wellhead platform, CKR platform and CKP - Central Processing Platform)

There are 3 platforms in this cluster, each having its own function. I worked at CKP or the central processing platform whereby all the gas produced from fields will be treated and processed here.

Bridges adjoining CKR and Wellhead platform

For my project, there were 2 accomodation ships for almost 600 plus workers working on board. One is Jascon 28 which I was staying in, and the other was Beta. The condition at Jascon 28 was pretty clean and well maintained. It was able to withstand the sea waves and therefore, not much rocking on board. Thank god for that as I didn't vomit throughout my stay.

Jascon 28 aka J-28. The ship where I stayed.

My bunk. 4 person sharing in a room. Nice, comfy and fully air conditioned

Not much activity at night, other than watching TV at the TV room, or going for a movie at the mini cinema. Other than that, one can also go to the galley for makan. It's open 24 hours and you can eat till you drop!! Internet was available at the office, so lucky me. However, the connection is not very reliable as the signal kept breaking. Nothing much can be done as it uses satellite to transmit data.

View of CKR at night. A pipe-laying ship is at the background

I was informed by a colleague that I could climb up to the flare tip (shown in the photo below). The flare head was not in operational so this was the only chance one could go on top of it. The overall height from the top to the sea level is approximately 30 storeys high. It was said that the whole structure would sway at least one foot apart when you are at the top.

How I wanted to climb to the top!!! But I only gotta know about this half an hour before I was scheduled to depart back. I could not afford to spend 15 minutes to climb to the top and miss my chopper. One had to pay USD500 if he/she misses the chopper. So, I had to forget about trying out the climb. This would have been one hell of an experience but sadly I didn't have the chance to do so. And I doubt if I would have the chance to do again as chances like this (especially when we have a total plant shutdown and no flaring) doesn't come often. Sigh...

Flaretip which is about 15-20 storey high.

Nothing much to see other than water in the 360 degrees view.

Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

After spending 4 days surrounded by water, it is indeed pleasant to see greenery again. And the best part is that you don't feel giddy spending your time in the rocking ship.

Green green grass of home.

It's already past one day since I reached onshore, but my head is still feeling heavy and giddy. Thought that I would fall sick anytime soon, but my boss told me that this is perfectly normal as my body is trying to adjust itself to the steady condition onshore. You see, the inner ear which functions to balance our body, which has adjusted to the rocky environment on board the ship will now have to readjust itself to the ground condition again. Hence, my body does not feel right. However, this short term giddiness will soon be gone in a few days time.

Though the trip was short, but nothing beats the experience of riding on a helicopter, living in a ship and working in a platform in the middle of the vast ocean. Wouldn't trade the experience with the money in the world. :)


Whitebunny said...

Ow...masih sama jascon 28 ya...posisinya sekarang dimana?..

Whitebunny said...

Ow...masih sama jascon 28 ya...posisinya sekarang dimana?..

Anonymous said...

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T.R. said...

J-28 is a good vessel, thank you for all that good word

Best Regards