Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Wedding and A Gathering

What a hectic weekend it was.. Drawings + weddings + trips to KLIA + insufficient sleep + drebar = one tiring me..

But glad things have slowed down for a while. Finally, I managed to finished up the drawings that Kenny wanted. Cheers.. Apologies to him for not able to complete it earlier, and for the mistakes/errors that I made. My designing skills are definitely not up to standard even though have been working for 2 years plus in a consultant firm. :/

Though had lots of things to do all within a short span of time, but the feeling was jsut great. Never felt so alive, especially ever since started working in the new company few months ago. All the work just keep me occupied and alive. Never mind if I had only 3 hours of sleep for the past 2 nights. The feeling of doing something productive jsut keep my andrenaline rushing into my brains.

Hope to get more of this kind of work more often.

Another friend got married. To be exact, two friends got married (to each other). So happy that both of them finally tied the knot. After all, they are one great couple.

Sessions of "food tasting", quizes, singing sessions, professing I-Love-You in ten languages, the golden vows that Juin Mei "force" Chee Sing to sign, and the 60-minutes-course-to-become-a-SUPERHUSBAND, were just hilarious!! ...Poor Chee Sing had to get parents-in-law signatures and had to answer questions before Juin Mei allows Chee Sing to open the door. But nothing can stop Chee Sing though, and upon getting the signatures, he was bestowed with a cert duly signed by his parents-in-law, and of course, he finally get to open the door. Sweet..

To both Chee Sing and Juin Mei, wishing both of you happiness forever till you grow old. :)

Had a great time meeting up with old friends at the wedding dinner. It has been ages since we last met after our graduation. Ann Mei said that this was the only time where old friends reunion can take place. I couldn't agree more. Friends that I have not seen in 4 years plus, old choir members, old taekwondo friends.. Friends came from as far as Johor Bahru, Penang, Kuching and Miri to attend the wedding. Eugene the Horny Conductor, Belinda (my cute lil' sis), Irene the Dancing Queen, Valerie the Petite, Wendy the AngMoh Hokkien Charbor, Kok Wai the Singing Machine, Chee Siong the Contractor.. some of the friends that I have not seen in years.. Glad to see you guys again!!

Went to Luna Bar right after the dinner. The place was awesome!!!!
Cool interior decoration, with a swimming pool right at the front of the place, and with the magnificent view of KL with KL tower at the background. But RM50 for cover charge (inclusive of a drink) is a bit expensive though. Nevertheless, it was my first trip there and I did have a great time there, especially hanging out with some old buddies.. Not forgetting messing around with Jo Eee. Hey dude, you sucks in everything!! Hahahahaa....

Lil' sis and Val came all the way from East Malaysia to attend the wedding. Had to chauffer them around. Bad bad girls!! Sorry for not being able to bunk in together at Jason's house. Or else it would be a great time catching up with stories of what's happening around and what's not. By the way, the rice biscuits that you brought is nice. Shall gobble them up, don't you worry. hehehehe..

With reality sinking in, it's the begining of a new week, and everyone was back to do their own things. Wonder when will we have the chance to hang out like this again.

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