Friday, November 16, 2007

Greetings from The Jetty...

It's my third day here in Lumut on a long term assignment. The project I am involved in is scheduled to finish in June 2008, but I am betting that it will be delay till late July or August. Call me a pessimistic, but from the current outlook, there is basically no progress at all even after almost one month plus had passed since the project was awarded to my company.
Nevertheless, will do whatever I can to assist and expedite this.

Left KL with a heavy heart, especially when I was asked to mobilize in less than 24 hours notice, with no preparation at all. (mental preparation, that is) :( No more mamaking with frens, no more rock climbing, less time going back home to visit mum, no more going lepaking at The Curve. Sigh... And the heavy drinking session the night before departure to Lumut didn't really help at all. No thanks to Philip, Ho Sang and Kah Wee.. Drove over 240km to Lumut the next day with the high level of alcohol in my blood. Thank god a colleague accompanied and keeping me wide awake along the journey.

Anyway, came to Lumut with a heavy heart and things in my mind. Thought that I would not be able to adjust well. After all, I wasn't really close to my colleagues except for a few. Yeah, pretty sucks to feel alone after spending about 4 months in a company. And a boss who keeps on intimidating and terrorizing most of the time doesn't really help in boosting one's self morale and motivating one to excel.

Oh well, enought of complaints.

So far, my third day at the fabrication yard went well. Apartment where I stay is nice, fully furnished. Cable TV (astro), air conditioned, heater, kitchen, swimming pool, and serene environment.. Well, what else can I complain?

Though Lumut is a small (it take less than half and hour to walk around the town), but I have a feeling I will love this place. I took a stroll around town jsut now after my dinner and I covered the waterfront area (the jetty area) in less than half an hour. The tourism minister have spent quite an amount of money to decorate this place. I shall take photos tomorrow and upload them here. THe waterfront area are nicely decorated. Not much cars around, and there is traffic jam at this town happens only once in a blue moon. Just nice for someone like me who detesté traffic jam. The only places recognizeable are KFC, Maybank, 7-11 and CIMB bank. :)

Oh well, will stop for now. Will explore more of this town this weekend. And not forgetting Manjung and Setiawan town which is 15 minutes away from here. These 2 towns are much more "happening" compare to Lumut. Shall jog around town tomorrow and take some snap shots of this beautiful place. I have a feeling the shots taken will turn out nice.



YY Liew said...

Pangkor Island is just a stone throw away! diving should be great to burn your free time.

Big Bad Wolf said...

Yeah, man.
I might take a tour on the island tomorrow. Cheers.. :)
RM10 for 2 way ticket. Cheap cheap!~~