Saturday, January 26, 2008


Happiness is when you have this


Steady.. A few more years of experience, and that should be in my grasp.
Plan, plan, plan! That is what I should do.
Time is essence and can't afford to waste any more time.
Gotta learn all about planning while I am here in Lumut for the next few months. Dig into Primavera and everything about being a planner.

Yeah, I believe this would be my career path. I strongly feel so.


yawchoy said...

bagus! ... malaysia boleh, serigala pun boleh! limbeh support you 'lahhh' .... :)

Anonymous said...

when you are earning big bucks, pls dont forget the person who bought u drinks and ciggies!! :p

pj said...

to anon, i second to that...

also, pls dun forget the person who entertain u on msn, on your working sunday

eric said...

how bout your caring next door?