Thursday, February 26, 2009

Culture, History, Animal and Shopping : Day 2 - Still In Guangzhou

Our day started with a visit to Chen Jia Ci (Chen Family Clan Memorial Temple), located nearby a Metro station with the same name.

As we walked from the Metro station to the building, we came across a group of people doing what Chinese like to do in their favourite past time.

1. Tai Chi, and....

2. Kicking feather (I don't know if this is the correct word to describe the game or not)

Chen Jia Ci was also known as Guangdong Folk Art Museum. Will not explain much on the building. Try googling out for more info.

View from outside the building
The main entrace
The open courtyard
The back garden

Our next destination was to visit Guangzhou Zoo. I had a look on their website and it showed a lot of attractions in it. It was known as the second largest zoo in Southern China. Panda, not suprisingly, was one of the star attraction. Apart from that, there was also section on Australian animals. Koala, kangaroo, and some other natives animals which can only be found in Australia were displayed here. Now, that really captured my attention. Oh, I just can't wait to reach there!

We decided to take bus from Chen Jia Ji to Guangzhou Zoo. While on our way over, the bus passes by a very interesting place. From the main road, the building looked very grand from afar. Jye's sharp eye saw the wording on the main archway.

"Dr Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall"

Oh!! We just had to dropped by that place at all cost! Who wouldn't want to pay a visit to the see the Father of Modern China? We stopped by the nearest bus stop.

Statue of Dr Sun Yat Sen with the majestic memorial hall in the background

The building was built in year 1929 to commemorate the founder of China. Some of the history of the building can be found here, here and here.

After the walk down one of the most important historical place in Chinese history, we decided to take a bus to our destination - Zoo!! While we were on the bus, we saw another nice building nearby. Again, Jye's sharp eyes did not fail me. The bus stop we passed by was called "Wong Tai Sin Temple". We quickly got off at the next bus stop and walked over.

Wishing Tree
Wishing Wheel

It was nearly 1pm plus and time to fill our stomach. No specific idea on what to eat, but we ended up eating at a Chinese Muslim restaurant. Of all places, we managed to land ourselves in this restaurant.

To our suprise, the food here was very nice! Not to mention, cheap and big portion too!
For a moment, it came across my mind to try out similar business here in Malaysia. I think with the taste, it would appeal to various races in a multi racial country in Bolehland. Oh well, maybe I will consider it when I get kicked off from job pretty soon. The oil price and economy downturn is killing my company, and the chopping board will come to me very soon. Peddling at pasar malam would be good, i think.

After lunch, and a half hour later, we managed to reach our destination.
First stop, aviary section.

And water animals...

And herbivore area...
Chomp chomp chomp!
And canine section..

Big Bad Wolf in a cage

After a brisk walk around the zoo, we proceed to the main attraction - Panda
But alas, no panda were to be found at the area. I couldn't help but to feel that I was ripped off.

Then at the Australian section, all we see is this.

One very pathetic kangaroo

And no koala at sight! What a blardee rip off! So much for an Australian section!

BBW, you are a sucker!! Muahahahahahah...

After the Zoo, we grabbed a bus and dropped ourselves off at Gongyuanqian (literally translated, Garden Front). Had dinner at KFC. After that, we walked to Beijing Road (Bei Jing Lu, in Mandarin). It's a well known pedestrian street in Guangzhou. People everywhere, and much more than the night before. Unlike Shang Xia Jiu Lu, this place was more vibrant and colourful, thanks to the neon lights around.

Try to count how many heads are there in this photo. The winner will get an all-paid-expense trip to Guangzhou sponsored by BBW

The time was almost twelve and we headed back to our hostel.
Captured some night scenery along the Pearl River.

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