Monday, April 09, 2007

Itchy Itchy!!!

*scratch scratch*

White snowy specks falling whenever i scratch my headscalp. Sometimes it's like snow storm if i scratch harder. Problem has been persistent since half year ago.

And lips which is as dry as a Sahara desert. And its killing me with the dryness and itchiness. Must be something that i ate that made me allergic. It's so itchy that I feel like cutting my lips off!!

*scratch scratch*

Head & shoulder doesn't work on the dandruff problem. And lip balm doesn't cure my lips. Am I the only guy who puts on lipbalm?

Help me~~~ Arghh!!!

*scratch scratch*


JL said...

aiyoyo.. quick go consult a Dr...

or else wont let you play with Potato :P

NoMilk said...

get head & shoulder with mint 1, works for me all the time... for the lips issue, a gal's kiss does wonder :p

Wolf with dandruff problem said...

nomilk...head & shoulder with mint ?? ok, wil buy one later. Hope it works for me.

JL.. I wil spread this dandruff to ah goo!! Let her scratch her body all over! Hehehe

mel said...

have u been under the sun alot? the heat will get to your scalp. dries up your hair's natural oil. hence the flaky problem. agree with your friends. H&S does work. As for your dry lips, use a lip balm that has vitamin E in it. i got mine from body shop. and drink loads of water!

pj said...

mel.. me too.. i swear by Body Shop's Vit E lip balm :)

Mel said...

PJ: yaya..been using THAT for years already. Its non sticky and it doesnt have that weird smell like the others. Body Shop rockz! :)