Thursday, April 05, 2007

Blogging and Politics

It's a suprise that our beloved politician can think of such great idea - registering bloggers. Come to think of it, this brilliant idea would definitely put our country in the spotlight. Now, isn't this a great idea? If the registration of blogger is carried out, then this will be the first in the world and we can claim our victory" in the Guiness Book of Record for the category of "The First Country In The World To Register Bloggers". Plus, a good way to promote Malaysia too as we shall have a law to govern the cyber bloggers. A first of its kind in cyber-law. Perhaps this might pave way for Malaysia to be a leader in this field? How wonderful. Another world record for our beloved country.

I bet every Malaysian would be very proud of how our small country can achieve records and show our mighty prowess. World's longest satay, world's longest flag drapped at Wall of China, first Malaysian sent to space, first in everything! In the eye of the world, we are capable of achieving any feat.

I wonder what will be next in store for us? Perhaps the brainy politician should make it mandatory to register all the email addresses? Yeah, this will help in detering people from sending malicious emails once is carried out. Brilliant. Just brilliant. I would suggest them to put up a lucky draw with a grand prize of brand new Perodua MyVi for people who register. That will surely garner attraction.

Or another suggestion, they can make it compulsary to register first prior to posting any comments in the internet (such as posting comments in other blog's, website, forum, etc). And again, throw in a lucky draw. Maybe a brand new Proton Gen2 or Savvy.


Dumb founded. Baffled. Bewildered. Tat's what I feel right now.



angel said...

We are soooooo smart liddat can die!

NoMilk said...

Dont get me started bout BolehLand...guess what when that he realizes that he made such a stupid idea, "tak adalah, media salah paham, keliru la".... i'm 99.99% sure the toad near your house can think better than those so called ministers.. puiks hou sui....

Wolf said...

Totally agree with nonmilk. Just blame it on the news media. However if things goes out of control, i am very sure our beloved Pak Lah wil say "Sudahlah.. sudahlah... "

in malay, there is a sayin "katak di bawah tempurung".

In our bolehland, i think we have "ministers di bawah tempurung"

dsadasd said...


Big Bad Wolf said...

Asshole. They are now denying!!