Monday, April 16, 2007

I Dare You

At last, managed to upload this damn video. Enjoy .. . .


First heard this song in American Idol, performed by the bald rocker wannabe - Chris Daughtry. Don really like him and his rocker poser look, but he sounded great with this song.

And i hv almost forgotten about the existence of this song until played this again. Hence, i have posted it here to share this cool song with you all.

Have a nice weekend.


Going outdoor climbing at Mont Kiara tomorrow. Woo hoo!! Can't wait for the day to come!! Woo hooo~~~


Michelle said...


Didnt know you were a fan of heroes.

Great minds do think alike.

B B Wolf said...

Err. I have heard great reviews about this show, but I have not seen an episode of it before. I was browsing for this song in youtube and came across this video which incorporated some of the scenes from Heroes.

I am looking forward to this show though. ANyone care to borrow me the movie?

Michelle said...

I would if you were here in Aus.

Its a blast - very successful here in Aus. No surprise, I don't watch Tele and I love it.

No doubt you'll love it, its very similar to the likes of say XMen, fantastic four if you like those kind of films.

JL said...

i dare you to update... apa macam :)