Monday, December 31, 2007

Bonne Année 2008!!

Exactly one more hour to go before the arrival of a brand new year and I'm sitting here in the cybercafe trying to think of what my new year resolutions would be. Been spending the past one hour trying to draft the plan for the brand new year, but nothing came out.

*blink blink*

Still can't think of any. Maybe my brain is shutting itself and refuse to let me access it. Perhaps it is programming itself to clear off all the memory and cache in it? Maybe it's trying to archive the old storage spaces so that there will be more space to accomodate new informations in the coming year? Whatever it is doing, I can't come out with the resolutions!!

Oh crap! What a lame excuse.

To tell the truth, I am just plain lazy.
Lazy to think of this stupid resolutions (Who is the smart ass who came up with the idea of making new year resolutions anyway??)
Lazy to make good use of my brain.
Lazy to do anything.
Maybe I am too exhausted from working too much. Hey, I have been clocking in every day for the past one and half months (with only 5 days of rest so far).

But that should not be an excuse. I don't like giving excuses for didn't get things right.
It makes me feel so irresponsible and shows as if I am tyring to shirk from responsibility.

There is a proverb saying "If one fails to plan, then one plans to fail". How true. And to say that I am the planner for this project I am attached with now in Lumut, it is indeed shameful as I can't even come up with my own plan! Shame, shame, shame!!!

This is my life and I should take charge of it.
It's me who should be should be doing planning for my ownself.
No one will be responsible for my life, other than my ownself.
Hence, it's me who should chart the road for myself.

That is, to be responsible for my ownself. I need to take charge of my life and be answerable to actions that I take. There is no time to waste. And no more coming up with lame excuses.
I need to get rid of words such as "I am tired .... ", "Lazy-lah.... ", "No time to do this lah.... " and etc. These are negative words which I must avoid at all cost as it's like black hole which sucks all the energy out from my life.

Yeah, it is pretty vague and quite difficult to quantify the achievement, but nevertheless, it's me myself who should be judging if I did keep to the resolutions, or otherwise.

Well, it's not that bad after all. The last one and half hours wasn't really a waste.
I did indeed came up with my very own resolution, at last.

It is now 11.50m and it's time for me to log off. Need to get a good night rest before embarking on a new journey (and also going to clock in at office tomorrow morning). Looking forward to a great year ahead!

Hereby wishing you all a very happy spanking new year 2008!!!

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Jason said...

Happy New Year!

jangan la malas...

i'll set up a tabung...

everytime you malas must put in a ringgit :)