Friday, December 28, 2007

Goodbye 2007

The clock is ticking down. 2 more days left in the calendar year before ushering the start of a brand new year. Looking back into the past 363 days, let's take a walk on what happened to my life throughout the period.

1. Change of job. [Jumping from one shit to another, almost...]

2. Moved from Puchong and back to Kepong. Woo hoo!! [What other places which has pasar malam every night other than Kepong?]

3. Transfered to Lumut. [Feeling energetic for the first time while at work]

4. First trip to offshore. [Spending 5 boring days on the platform and the accomodation vessel, all surrounded by waters. And it took me 5 days to readjust and balance myself to the ground condition]

5. First time on a helicopter ride. [What other air transportation mode I have not tried, other than chopper and plane? Hot air balloon seems tempting]

6. Almost drowned while attending a underwater escape training. [It was freaky all right. The few seconds of breathlessness seems like eternity. And I swear the incident is still fresh on my mind, even though it happened 5 months ago]

6. Delta Rover burnt to the ground. [No signs of the owner rebuilding the climbing gym again. Had to go to that super expensive Camp5 to satisfy my climbing craving. Crap!]

7. Blogging. [Only meagre 68 entries in this year. How lame~~~]

8. Had a pet dog of my own, almost. [Hope Lil' Russell is happy being back with his mummy]

9. Attended M.A.N.Y weddings!! [And I foresee more to come. Any wonder why my pockets are full of holes?]

10. Signed up with the National Library. [Only RM1 for membership and loads of books to choose from. What a bargain!]

11. Actively following the political senario in Malaysia. [I feel so disgusted! I am ashamed to call myself a Malaysian]

12. Attended a rally for the first time. [And it made me feel even more disgusted! Our government is worse than Talibans! I seriously thinking of migrating. There is basically left little hope in this country with the current leadership>

13. First time riding on a horse. [Yii harrr!! Feel like a cowboy. Thanks to Ho Sang and his wedding gimmick]

14. Reading books!! [Borrowed 30+ books, but only managed to finish reading less than half of them. Sigh]

15. Jamming sessions! [I have to brush up my guitar skill and to learn to play more songs! And I hope the rest of the band members will do so coz it's embarassing to play out-of-tempo]

16. Facebook.. And Scrabulous. [I am basically addicted to this game. Have to secure more victories!]


As the new year approaches, I guess the norm for everyone is to come up with new year resolutions. And what would mine be? Should I make up a list like other people do? One lazy side is telling me that there is no point in making a list which will never be fulfilled, while the other part of me is crying for a plan to guide my way through 2008.

Let's see. I have two more days to decide which side should I listen to. Tummy is growling like mad now, and I haven't have my dinner yet (It's 8pm now. Been working full day at site today)

Till then, happy holiday and a very happy new year to everyone!!

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