Friday, December 28, 2007

The Knight And His Bride

Once upon a time, there lived a knight and a lady in the kingdom of Far Far Away. Both of them were studying in the same school. It all began on one faithful day, where they met each other for the very first time, and love sparked the minute they laid their eyes on each other. After years of courtship, the knight promised to the lady to take her as his woman. And this is the story of his journey to fulfill his promise....

The knight in shining armour with his mighty stallion ready to fetch the maiden bride, living in a castle faraway.

However, the knight apparently got confused with his own identity and thought that he was a cowboy instead. Donning the cowboy hat, he cried out to his mighty stead to start moving. But the stead did not make a move.

He cried out again and kicked the stallion, hoping that it will gallop its way ahead. Still, no movement at all. Frustration appeared on the knight's face.

It was now apparent that the knight, or cowboy wannabe, does not have the horse riding skill. Later, he had to be led to his maiden bride by the horse trainer. He could only laugh to cover his great embarrassment.

And the knight's loyal comrade laughed at the mighty knights incompetency.

After hours of treading along the torturous path, they finally reached the destination.

Upon reaching the maiden's castle, the knight and his loyal comrade had to face with the 4 guardians.

They had to undergo tests, failing which would render the knight unable to produce offspring to continue his legacy. Nevertheless, test such as crossing over gigantic gate, eating the 4 deadly food, dodging the cursed staff, chanting love hymns did not weaken the spirit of the group.

Eventually, it was bribe of a thousand gold coins to the greedy 4 that cleared the path.

The knight quickly made his move and finally succeed in reaching the maiden's chamber.

Taking the hand of the fair lady, the knight kissed the bride and embraced her in his arm.

And the lady reciprocate and an exhange of bridal vow took place.

The knight and the lady were now officially known as Mr and Mrs Chan.

Congrats to both Ho Sang and Yee Lee.
May you both live the many years of joy and happiness together!


Chan Ho Sang said...

I can ride a HORSE! I can ride a HORSE!

Kwan said...

Please mind to change the link to the latest version of the clip...