Friday, February 29, 2008

Watch Out For Him..

Here's the brother-in-law of my friend who is going to stand in the upcoming election. And best of all, he is standing for the PKR seat! Ain't that great?

To the hell, you dirty BN a$$hole$!!

Watch out for The Great Sim Tze Tzin!!

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He took a pay cut to pursue justice PDF Print E-mail
Posted by Raja Petra
Friday, 29 February 2008

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SIM Tze Tzin gave up a lucrative job as an engineer in Silicon Valley and returned to Malaysia to become opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim's political secretary - suffering a huge pay cut in the process.

Mr Sim, 32, is contesting the Pantai Jerejak state seat in Penang on Keadilan's ticket. "When I told my boss that I was ready to make my election debut, he said: 'If you've the courage, you run'," Mr Sim told Today in an interview yesterday.

He added: "Datuk Seri Anwar has taught me a lot about how to expand one's political base. To form a united opposition front, we need people including urban and rural Malays as well as Indian estate workers to be part of our movement to reform Malaysia."

Mr Anwar is the de facto leader of Keadilan, while Mr Sim was instrumental in the release of the video which shows prominent lawyer V K Lingam brokering judicial appointments in a phone conversation.

Born and raised in Penang, Mr Sim started working as an engineer in Kuala Lumpur before leaving for the Silicon Valley. While there, he pursued hisMasters of Science (Civil) in highway engineering.

During his time in the United States, Mr Sim founded the Malaysia Forum Organization in Stanford University, although he is not from the university. The civil society group seeks to promote discussion of issues in South-east Asia.

"I learnt from the Americans who've a great sense of justice - they are a society that speaks up against injustices and welcomes a diversity of views," said Mr Sim.

Five years down the road, his zeal for politics intensified. He decided to quit his well-paying job in the US and return to Malaysia, and become Mr Anwar's political aide - a position he has held since early 2006.

"Although my current work pays only a fraction of what I was earning previously, I've a far more fulfilling job now - something greater than myself."

His wife - they got married about a year ago-- also wanted them to return to Malaysia to start a family. "It turned out to be a chance for me to take a stand on matters, instead of being just an armchair critic abroad," he said.

Mr Sim said he would give up his political secretary position if he wins the fight against Barisan Nasional's candidate Wong Mun Hoe in Pantai Jerejak.

The state constituency on Penang island includes Pulau Jerejak - a little island that was known as the Alcatraz of Malaysia. Like the infamous maximum-security penitentiary in the US, the isle was once the location for a detention centre for hardcore criminals. Today, Pulau Jerejak is a thriving resort and spa island.

"The island covers more than one-third of the Pantai Jerejak constituency, but doesn't have a single registered voter," noted Mr Sim. He admitted that it would be a tough battle to win the seat, but he said feedback from people whom he had met was "overwhelmingly positive".

"I want to champion the cause of upholding justice, of reforming the judicial system." - TODAYONLINE

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