Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shifting Again!! But To Heaven This Time

I have shifted, again. This new place shall be my fifth place I am staying in the past ten months. That means approximately two months in one place. I was mad and pissed when I got to know about this. I mean, I can't help it as I feel that I am just like a ball, where I can be kicked here and there whenever the management feels like it. It doesn't help on the morale you know? Especially when you are asked to stay behind while the rest of my colleagues are requested back to KL office for a new project.

I don't mind to stay in Lumut. After all, I like it here very much. Nice food, peaceful town, cheap stuff, more money. But staying here just to clear other people's shit, now that isn't a very nice thing to do right?

Anyway, here I am, in my new apartment. Things doesn't look that bad after all. This place is the best of all I have lived in, and in fact, it would be one of my ideal apartment. Let me bring you for a short tour around...

Spacious living room with a chandelier, fully air conditioned and a carpet right in the middle of the room. And what I like most in this room is the "leopard-skin" sofa set.

A close up look on the leopard-skin sofa. I don't know why, but this sofa gives me a feeling of emptiness.

Wouldn't my life be great if this comes together with the sofa?

A beautiful and sexy lady in leopard bikini suit! Read it out! Leopard.. bikini.. suit!!!
Oh man, I am almost climaxing as I type this!
I wouldn't work for any overtime if I have the lady above at my place 24/7. Would tell my boss to fuck off should he requires me to do any work after 5.

Another pretty babe in leopard suit!! Arrgghh!! It's torturing to see this!! Let me have the lady in ...leopard.. bikini.. suit !!!!!

But sadly, I have this on my sofa instead. Not a leopard, but a hippotamus!!
Life doesn't treat me well, dont' u agree?

Thank God, I have this as a consolation to all my sorrows.

A balcony with 2 rattan chairs for people to enjoy the view of the swimming pool, two floors below. Now, is there any girl who wants to take up the chair?

And here I go when hungry..

Fully furnished with wooden cabinets and kitchen top. And also exhaust fans (one above the cooking place and one on the wall) to suck all the oily smells our of the kitchen.

And a place for me to relax and unwind after hours of works.
My oh-so-cozy room, all with lamps by both sides of the bed.

And a comfy desk by the window, where I can get free wireless connection and surfing with a view....

A view of the swimming pool, with the Dinding river at the background, covered by trees.

And finally, a place to rejuvenate my body after a tiring day at work.

A mixture of lavender bath mixture would be the excellent remedy. Oh by the way, the bath tub is big enough for two person. Great bath are meant to be shared, don't you agree?

That's all for the tour. Now, i's time to find that other person for the bath. :)


YY Liew said...

wahlau eh! such a nice place! i also wanna stay there!!!!

YY Liew said...
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wyee said...

wow it is such a nice place... can i know where this apartment is located and how much is the selling price for it? just wanna gauge an idea of the propery price in msia

JL said...

you manyak syiok hoh...

OMG what a fugly chair! Throw away into that nearby river i pray we'll never see it again! and please change the bed sheet :P

Big Bad Wolf said...

yy liew... Even though my room is good for another person, but i wud like to share it with a girl, not with a person with batang.. ehehe. :)

wy.. yeah, its a nice apartment. The one i am stayin now is on the expensive side as its near to the lumut jetty (gateway to pangkor island). I heard the selling price is about rm250k to 300k. And thats not including all the renovation like the one i am staying now.. :)
But i wud say its a bargain coz the rental is quite high, ranges from 1.5k to 1.8k per month (depending on the condition of apartment and whether its fully furnished or not).

JL.. do u mean the sofa set or the chair on the balcony? They are jsut ok for me arr..

wyee said...

thanks CS for the information. It is indeed a very good place if the intention is to for investment. you are back in lumut?

Big Bad Wolf said...

yeah. i am back to lumut for 2nd project. Will be based here till next Feb/March.

JL said...


SinJi said...

nice and relaxing.
appreciate your hippopotamus that you currently have, then later only you will get leopard. wahaha~