Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Final Frontier

The Chinese made it to the headline again, performing a manned space mission. They went bolder this time around, performing a space walk and conducting some experiments (don't know what the heck are those test) in the empty space. And they are targeting to visit moon next.

One small step for human, a giant leap for mankind
- Neil Armstrong

And it was also around this time, one year ago, that we have our very first Malaysian sent to space. Our best achievement is that we sent one man as a space tourist, costing us millions of ringgit.
And the other achievement is that our pious academicians had created a device to determine the solat time while one is in space, and also the kiblat direction. Very commendable achievement, eh?

Americans called their spacemen "astronaut"

Russians called theirs "cosmonaut"

Chinese called their spacemen "taikonaut"



- Unknown

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