Sunday, September 14, 2008

Do I Look Stupid To You, Mr Goverment?

A group of parliamentarian organizing a so called "study trip " to learn about the agriculture industry. And this takes places when a typhoon was about to hit the country. (see here)
And then, our brillian opposition played a cat-and-mouse game, supposedly chasing after them. (see here)

HELLO?? Why are you fucking morons spending all the unnecessary resources and time doing such silly things? Don't you guys have better things to do, such as administering our lazy local council, thinking of ways to make our transportation better, pulling in more foreign investments, etc?

A journalist was detained under ISA for reporting the facts about racist remark uttered by a politician. And reason given was "to protect her and ensure she is safe" (sourced here and here)
And then, releasing her back to the society the next day after detaining. Guess she can survive herself out there without the "police protection" huh?

Oh ya, does that mean everytime we feel our life is threatened, we can call up the police and tell them to ISA us? Lets hope the Kamunting center is expanded to accommodate more people, or else it would be turn into another Guatelama prison. Bad publicity to Malaysia you know?

Anyway, the wrongdoer (who uttered the racist remark) was not detained in ISA. He however, was banned for 3 years by the political party. When asked by he was not detained under ISA, the Home Minister replied that he was already slapped with the ban and that is sufficient.

??? So, can I say I can join UMNO, scream out loud that "XXX" is a fucking bigot religion and "XXX" is the race of bastards, get "lectured" by UMNO committees and get banned for a few years, and everything will be fine? Why don't I just join UMNO, go all out and commit selective-race genocide and then ban me for life? That would serve me right!

And to add more salt to the wound, this Minister said the ISA issue will only have short term effect on the economy (read here).

Oh really, my dear Minister? Please go to this website and see for yourself at Teresa Kok's portfolio. Who in the logical mind would want to invest in Malaysia, when the one who sourced for foreign investment was detained under ISA?

I am too dumbfounded and embarassed to write any further.

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