Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Can Someone Borrow Me A Lighter?

My feeling at the moment : Screwed up, anger, low self esteem, basically i am all fucked up.

Need to evaluate myself and rectify my weaknesses. I am pretty sure I have plenty of it but due to my ignorance and (laziness??), I didn't take much effort to change them.

Time is running out and I need to buck up or I wil be left behind. A big hurdle I am facing at the moment. Just need to do something that can boost my confidence and elevate my self esteem.

Ok, need sometime for myself. Need to clear my mind. Need to focus on myself. I shall make up a list of my strength and weaknesses and i shall seriously think of ways to rectify them.

Need to channel all the anger in me into something positive. But on second tot, i think it is good to have some anger in myself. Normally, i don get angry easily as I will tend to forget these angry moments very fast. Perhaps from the selective memory, or should i say lousy memory of mine, i have subconsciously suppressed the "fire" within me. Perhaps this explains why I tend to be weak and lack of energy. For the information, my natural element is "Fire" (according to the chinese feng shui and ba zi) and it was said that fire within me will do me good (or bad if i am unable to control it). Perhaps i should bring up the fire within me and keep the fire burning in me. Maybe that will release all the energy in me and turn me into a better person. Until then, can someone borrow me a lighter?


Big Bad Wolf said...

Currently listening to "Famous Last Words" by My Chemical Romance.
The guitar riff and the vocal are raw and powerful. Can sense the anger in the song.

The right music to decribe my current mood, although the lyrics does not match.

Chan Ho Sang said...

In a very near future...u will find your lighter and become more steady and powerful than before.

JL said...

*burn baby burn baby burn

Don't let one feeble hurdle stop you from moving mountain(s). Cheers bro :)

Big Bad Wolf said...

Ho Sang.. I need a lighter now. Cant wait anymore. :)

JL.. Thanks man. Things that cant kill me will only make me stronger than ever! (as quoted by Keane)