Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sinking Deeper And Deeper

Latest news.

I shall no longer be with the Labuan project team. My previuos project manager wants me back in his team.

GOD!! No~~~~~

Alas, my capability and strength has been overlooked again, and I shall be back to the old team and left rotting with nobody cares.

Need to get out of this F.A.S.T!!!

On the brighter side, at least i know that I will not be posted to Labuan anytime now.



JL said...

please make up your mind on what do you want to do lah...

sekejap sini, sekejap sana :)

BigBadWolf said...

It's beyond my power to choose to which team i should be in.

The higher authority (The BIG BOSS) approved my project manager's request to take me back to the Kemaman(Biodiesel) project mah. So, wat can I do? Have to follow the instruction and move my ass from Labuan project to Kemaman project lo.