Thursday, February 22, 2007

Cassette Tapes...

Went rummaging through some of the old boxes that my mother kept behind the house and guess what I found??

Cassette tapes!!!!

Those music tapes which were celebrated all over the world before the mass production of CD sent them into the brink of extinction. Don't think people nowadays will listen to these tapes anymore as digital format are easily available everywhere. Can just download any songs from the internet.

Found 2 boxes of these tapes. Some of these tapes dated back to mid 80's to late 90's. Some of the singers are as follow:-

1. New Kids On The Block

2. Jackie Cheung

3. Wu Chi Sien (Malaysian singer who later rooted in Hong Kong)

4. Alan Tam
5. Lui Fong
6. Norman Cheung Lap Kei
7. Sandy Lam
8. Billy Joel
9. Lionel Richie
10. Aaron Kwok (with the mushroom hairstyle)
11. Vanilla Ice

and the list goes on..

Majority of these tapes belongs to my sister. I only bought a few, totalling less than 20. It cost about RM 11.90 each (tat was in 1995) and jumped to RM 14.90 (4 or 5 years later, after the economy crisis).

These are some of the albums which I bought. And boy was I glad to see them again!! I have almost forgotten that I have these beautiful albums in my collections.

Top left to right - Ella, Radiohead, Silverchair, Guns & Roses (pirated version)
Bottom left to right - Beyond, Nirvana, Third Eye Blind, Radiohead

One of my favourite band - Radiohead. And you guys should check out these 2 album of theirs. The errie vocal of Thom Yorke plus the electronica mix with distorted guitar and bass sound plus cleverly improvised drum beats is just fabulous! They deserved the Grammy that they won last few years

There are also other cassettes in my collection, but it wont be possible to elaborate them here.

For now, I have picked out about 13 of these cassettes and stored them in my car. Can listen to them again in my trusty old Kelisa's (not so) hi-fi audio system.

Am I the only one in this world who still listens to cassette player? LOL


JL said...

oohh... treasures...

i like the Nirvana album (un-plugged in New York)...

I've tons of cassettes at home as well. Can't listen to them in the car though...

Big Bad Wolf said...

Tat nirvana unplugged is one of their best album ever!! I like "all apologies" and "where did u sleep last night".. wat a classic!!