Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Things People Do When They Are Stuck In Traffic Jam

These are some of the observations that i noticed when I am stucked in a traffic jam on the road.

1. Nose picking.
Yup, pretty gross but tat's wat people do. Maybe they think that nobody will notice them when they go gold-digging. How wrong they are.

2. Singing along to the song played in the radio/CD player
Wat a good way to practise the songs before going for a karaoke session. Oh yea, u can also notice of them bouncing their head to the rhythm of the song. And there are also some drummer-wannabe who will pretend to be drumming away.

3. Talking on the phone / Playing with the phone
The campaign on "No Phones While Driving" does not seems to work at all here in Malaysia. Drivers toying with the phone keypad are noticeable. 101% they are SMS-ing away.

4. Staring blankly into the empty space
*stare stare blink blink*

5. Cursing
Yeah, these drivers will just curse at anything and everything that is moving while they are still stuck in the jam and not moving at all. These group of drivers are impatient and will jump queue when the opportunity arises. And if other cars jump into their queue, they wil curse and there will be highly not willing to give way. Their mindset is set tat they are the king of the road and they claim throne on the road. To them, they are always right and whatever other people do are dead wrong.

6. Reading
A good chance to read papers/magazines/books/brochures/signboards/etc.

7. Smoking
It baffles me how can they can withstand the intense heat and smoke emitted from vehicles when they lowered down the windows to catch a ciggi break. But one interesting point is that I have never encountered a girl who smokes while driving.

8. Eating
A quickie of snacks. This can be twisties, kit-kat, or cookies.

9. Taking a quick nap
Ahh.. Wat a nice moment to catch a wink or two.

10. Putting on make-up (applicable to girls only)
Lipsticks, putting on facial powder, mascara, etc.


JL said...


JL said...

oh ya... and taking photos of the above mentioned activities ;)

Big Bad Wolf said...

I actually wanted to take photos of those ppl who pick their nose, but don dare coz scared they wil come and smash up my windscreen :/

savante said...

At least you haven't seen them making out in the car :P

Big Bad Wolf said...

Hi Savante!!

Would love to record them and then earn some side income by blackmailing those humping couples!! :)

Btw, aren't you the doctor from Penang?