Saturday, September 08, 2007

First Class Parliament, First Class Mentality

First, they used almost RM90 million to renovate our 45 years old Parliament building. But the contract only included interior renovation and rewiring works. But then, it leaked right after the renovation work was done and the public were then informed that the contract does not include any repair work on the roof top. Our brainy Work Minister further said the leakage was due to the poor roof condition. (source from here).

Fine. So, they said that they have to carry out the roof repair work and the repair cost was estimated to be around RM 13 million (source from here). And our brainy Work Minister further explained on top of his earlier response that the reason the roof leaked was due to :-
1. The building is very old.
2. The existing waterproofing at the roof was in a very poor condition.
3. Massive changes in the weather pattern contributed to the leakage (source from here)

And now ladies and gents, our brainy Work Minister has found out the root cause for all the leakage problem.

The water proofing was sufficient, but it became dirty because of the garbage and all kinds of construction materials like pieces of wood and cement left behind on the roof and this caused the water proofing to be damaged and the roof to leak” (sourced from here and here).

Who in the fucking world would have access to our Parliament rooftop, and what the fuck in the world would he/she want to throw those bloody rubbish there??!??!?!??~?~?~

This is way beyond my comprehension, and I can't seem to understand this. Perhaps you guys can explain this to me.

Then I read in the The Sun newspaper yesterday (7th Sept 2007) that a few brainy Parliament members (of coz, they were none other than Barisan Nasional's) were suggesting to construct a new Parliament building. After all, they said that its time for a change as the current one is already too old. And another smart ass (also from BN) seconded the decision and this smart ass said something to this extent.

"The new building should be a first class building. After all, our Parliament has a first class mentality and a first class Ministers. So, it is imperative that the new Parliament building should be a first class building to reflect the true first class Ministers".

And another brainy guy (suprise suprise, he is also from BN) proposed that the new site should be in Putrajaya, but it was rejected by others (also BN). They explained that the Parliament should be located far away from the administrative area (Putrajaya, in this case) to reflect the separation of power between the law-making-body and the adminstrative.

A new building eh?

W.H.A.T A B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T I.D.E.A !!!!

Well, from the highly intellectual level of debates in the Parliament (live telecast of the debate can be found here, here, here, here and here), I think I may have found a very suitable place to suit our Barisan Nasional Parliament member's intellectual level.

Located just beside of MRR2 in between Batu Caves and Kepong, I found this area to be the most suitable place as it is definitely far away from Putrajaya. And this place would be good to reflect our Parliament Minister's "intellectual" level. Yeah, they can do some reclaim work on this land. Its quite an engineering challenge to construct a building on a used sanitary landfill u know? The environmental issue is difficult to tackle (due to the existing leechate) and the soft ground condition. Its pretty challenging feat, and if our Work Minister can succcessfully build one, I am very sure it would enter into the Malaysian Book of Records. And we would be very proud to claim that this is our brand new first class Parliament to the whole world.

Don't you just feel proud to be a Malaysian?

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anynomous said...

if its really due to "Massive changes in the weather pattern", im wondering is his fucking mansion leaks as well during rainy days.. fuck semi value, dirty retarded corrupted bastard..