Sunday, September 30, 2007

Short Post

1. I am going for a short trip offshore. Finally, I got the chance to ride the chopper and be on the platform for the first time. Weeeee!!! Wil be back on Wednesday or Thursday. Wish me luck guys!!

2. Boss said I might get the chance to go to Lumut for a half year assignment. Couldn't be happier to accept the job. Yipppeee!! Will be looking after the fabrication works of a few process modules for a FPSO project. The fabrication works will be at my sister company's yard. Let's hope my boss will indeed stick to his decision and send me there.

3. Yesterday's choir performance sucks hard time. Never felt so conned in my life. Sorry to the 5 friends of mine who went together. My bad my bad.. :/


chipmunk said...

lumut? do u know what do they have there? nothing! nothing! what in the world do u want to be there.. goodness but then whatever it makes you happy. Well good luck then!

Cheong said...

Lumut is good mah. Near to pulau pangkor. Can eat fish everyday.\ good for health. Cheers