Monday, September 17, 2007

Il Mare and Elizabethtown

A story that is emotional provoking and shows love that transcend time. Makes one wonder whether life do really exist in a bi-dimensional world separated by a different timeline. Both the main characters had liven up the storyline and carried their role well as they slowly unfold the tale. Excellent story line and superb scenery. It's simply a beautiful.

This one definitely makes it to one of my favourite movies of all time.

Big thanks to Ho Sang for recommending this to me. :)


Managed to catch only the last 15 minutes of this movie on Astro HBO channel yesterday night. I was hooked to the screen throughout the duration and every moment of the finalé created a strong impact. Can't wait to buy the DVD from shop downstairs of my office.


chipmunk said...

you got to watch crazy/beautiful too then, it is another one of those good movies.. i enjoyed it much and yes, elizabethtown is awesome and same goes to Lakehouse!

Cheong said...

Okie. I shall get that movie too. Lets hope u don disappoint me. :)

JL said...

yay... cup... pinjam!

Big Bad Wolf said...

which one u wanna pinjam? Il mare, or elizabethtown?
I only have il mare with me now.. Cheers