Monday, August 04, 2008

Blogs blogs blogs!!!

Saiful's fiance, started a blog in the first few days after the BIG NEWS broke out. In the beginning, it was opened to outsiders to read and to post comments (I posted a comment there), but it was later closed from public viewing. Maybe there are too much negative comments (Saw them with my own eyes, uh uh).

And now, its Saiful's turn to start a blog.

What would be their motive in starting these blogs?

Trying to gain sympathy, or just simply to express their feelings? Of could there be any malicious intention?

Whatever it is, I am sure these are related to the BIG NEWS. I would be damned if the prosecution uses this blogs as their evidence to prosecute Anwar in the court case, if the police decided to press charges against him. Malaysia's AG is capable of doing anything. Just like the Batu Puteh case, where our lawyers used this blog as their evidence in ICJ. By the way, the owner of the blog has turned it private after reader's condemning the articles.

I will not be suprised to see more blogs from people implicated in any criminal charges or court cases. Malaysians are good in copycat, right?


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