Monday, August 11, 2008

Working My Way To Join "Malaysia's Next Top Male Model"

Me, being the next model?

Nah, that's just a joke. I am barely in that league.

My new objective, is simply, to have a body like this.

Or this..

These look good too...

Which guy wouldn't want to have a hunk body like that?

I know, I know, my age limit has way passed for me to train up, but better late than never, right?

Since there is a gym here, I might as well utilize it to the max!
In order to achieve that, I am going to allocate one hour, or maybe more, depending on my level of laziness, every night at the gym. I have a gym buddy (my housemate, in fact) to push each other to work our ass off at the gym.

But barely weeks away before "deporting" back to the pathetic city life, do I ever stand a chance?


小蚊子 said...

Well, hopefully you are enough hardwork to built ur body lah....
sure will be very nice look...

Big Bad Wolf said...


Thanks, lil' mosquito.
Let's hope my willpower will overcome my procrastination! :D

EC said...

DON'T COME BACK!..yet. I have just converted your crib into my secondary store room. Go on build your tetikus while I expand my territory.

BBW said...

I will burn down all your stuff when I am back to KL later!