Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fleeing The Country?

Dr M will migrate if Anwar becomes PM

Wait a minute!

You can't desert the country so fast! You are answerable to the many cans of worm that is happening in the country now. How you ruined the constitution, how the police/ACA/AG got so corrupted, the controversial bail outs which happened over and over again, how you sell off the country to the religious fanatics, cryonism and open corruption, lop sided toll and IPP agreements, screwing up the mainstream media, and many other issues that arises while you were still in power.

We need you to be put in a RCI to answer to the many issues that the country is facing now.

Now, don't you dare try to shirk away from all this responsibility!

In another development ,which again, making me think of fleeing the country, is the latest controversial open forum on Islamic conversion.

Religious fanatics has taken over the logical thinking and suppressing the freedom of expression.
How can an open discussion on this topic be equated to challenging the status of Islam?

It just beat me to think that the country is still hogging onto the old mentality, that is, one should not bring up the topic at all. It's highly seditious and can incite uneasiness among the biggest religion follower in the country. Will these fanatics ever learn to think critically? How can the country move forward if these solutions to the problem are not discussed and debated upon? And to read how the protesters handled the issue by storming into the forum and calling names! What does "Babi" and "Balik Cina" gotta to do with the forum?

How immature that is. And don't they know that these actions had betrayed themselves? Action speaks louder than words, and they have brought shame to themselves with the bro-ha-ha that happened on the forum floor. They think that they are protecting the good image of their religion, but alas, what they did has damaged their religion even more.

The world is progressing further, and Malaysia is taking a few more step backwards.

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