Friday, August 08, 2008

eight eight zero eight

08.08.08, 8.08pm.

That's the time I clocked out tonight, while the world set their eye on the grandest event of the year.


ec said...

Disgusted how Olympic is corrupted with $$ rather than the true spirit of "Citius, Altius, Fortius". Having said that, I almost cried when the China national anthem was played while the 5 stars was soaring high. Felt like china nationalist! Fatt Fatt Fatt!!

Big Bad Wolf said...

It was a superb opening, but I cringe seeing that massive amount of money is spent for this event.
Imagine if all the money spent for firework display were to be allocated for better use, ie: donation to the poor, wouldnt this be great?
And also the amount of money saved if they downscale the building design/construction.

wyee said...

It is true it will be better if they spend the money to those unfortunate but on the other hand, i guess the chinese needs to do well to prove that they are not as bad as they appears to be or used to be. It's so hard for them to get the host, therefore i think they are just trying to give the best they can. I salute their hard work.

Ho Sang said...

It's worth to spend the money this way as it will change the status of the nation. The result can be seen in 10 years time if they do not repeat the same mistakes as Malaysia did.