Friday, October 17, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Interested to buy yourself a home which looks something like this?

How much would you think it will cost?

RM1 million? That is the cheapest price of a condo one can get in Golden Triangle KLCC.
Nope, the agent would have chased you out of the show room.

RM10 million perhaps?
Maybe that will buy you something, but not the apartment.

Freak!! RM 100 million? I can buy myself a super bungalow with golf course and horse ranch around it!
Price is attractive, but not for this property.

Goodness! Then how much is it?


USD 2 billion, with a capital B!

You won't be able to buy the condo even if you have the money. The whole property, or the "mansion", is owned by one super filthy rich guy named Mukesh Ambani.
Who the hell is he? Try googling it and you will notice that he is currently the 5th richest guy in the world.

Why would he want to build such a big home? Beats me.
Perhaps he has been affected by Malaysia-Boleh syndrome (trying to break records)

Currently undergoing construction work in India, and scheduled for completion end of 2008.
Originally designed to be 60 storeys high, but it was later reduced to 27 storey. You would assume that the height of the building would be lowered in tandem with the total storey, but no. The height remains the same, but the storey was lowered in order to make room for higher ceiling height.
3 floors have been allocated for garden balcony, and one floor for mini cinema, good enough for 50 person. A helipad on the top of the building.
And this whole building is for him and his family, minus his brother (you will understand why below). With some rooms spare for his staff as well.

Try to compare this house to the world's richest person, Warren Buffett's home.

That would put him to shame. For you who didn't know, this guy has been living in this house the very first house he bought in 1958.

The buying price?
Only USD30k.

Even though he has currently billions of assets, he still opt to continue staying in this house, with his beloved wife. No fancy downtown address, or super mansion on an island off the Dubai coast.

Try to compare this house with the Mukesh's super mansion and you can differentiate a wise and prudent man, with an ignorant and foolish fool.

Any idea why Warren's family relationship is still strong after all 60+ years of marriage, while Mukesh's is entangled with courtcase, with his own blood brother?

Can money buy happiness? Warren real life would have answered that well.


SinJi said...

Crazy! Does show-off-Mukesh do any charity like Warren huh?

Big Bad Wolf said...

Duno about the charity work, but he looks like one spoilt brat to me. :)