Friday, January 26, 2007

Bird-day Celebration

Oi Cheng, my form six schoolmate, and also my coursemate back in uni days. Known her since 1998 when we were in form six in SPI. Almost 9 years knowing her. How time flies. She is a very nice friend, and a very helpful one. She can be a bit garang most of the time, but overall, she is a very helpful and a very nice lady.

Well, it was her bday few days ago, so Wee Han came up with the idea of going out for a dinner jsut to celebrate the special day. How nice of him. Very caring indeed. Btw, Wee Han was also my coursemate last time in uni and he was one of the closer friends in uni, so i knew him quite well. He is still single so if there is any girl out there who wants to know him more, u can text me here. Small commission charge is applicable though. :)

Back to the dinner.. Ai Ling (also my coursemate) also joined us for the dinner. Is this a bird-day celebration or a coursemates-gathering session, I wonder. Oi Cheng couldn't make it on Sunday, so we postponed it to the next day. Venue - TGIF One Utama.

This was my 2nd time at TGIF ,and a first time for WH and OC. Ordered some ala-carté food and also 2 sets of meal. We didn't know the portion was so freaking huge until the food arrived. Those meals are are gigantic in size and it is super huge! Couldnt finish most of the food though.

Chit chatted and catched up with wat went on with our life, gossips, works, etc throughout the dinner. Though it was a brief dinner (we went back after the dinner), but it was nice catching up with one another after quite some time. Looking forward to another outing with them again.

Left to right : WH, Me, AL and OC

Two Hunks and Two Babes!!

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