Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Consider the following senario.

You have an interview tomorrow morning. And you haven't informed your HR or your boss about taking a day leave for that important day tomorrow. How will you come up with an excuse to get the day off when the day comes?

You can either use the following excuses:

1. Sick/Not feeling well (I think this is the most popular one as you can go get yourself an MC)
2. Car broken down / Tyre pancit / Battery dead (Pretty strong reason)
3. Have to go back hometown (All of a sudden going back hometown during weekday? Not very convincing eh?)
4. Parent/Siblings is sick so have to fetch them to see doctor (Also a good reason)
5. Have to settle some errand (Renewing passport, going to bank, etc) (Does it have to take whole day?)
6. Relatives getting married (Not a very strong excuse too as normally people will not have their wedding ceremony on weekdays)
7. Girlfriend/boyfriend/spousee/kid fall sick
8. Have to send dog/cat to the vet?

Well, I chose to do the following.

Skipped work and took the half day off without informing boss/colleagues/HR and went for the interview in KL. *Pretty daring eh?*

Then went to work after lunch hour and clocked in my timesheet. Punchcard showed "1.15pm" in BOLD RED COLOUR. Bet I woudl have lots of explanation to do at the end of the month.

Colleagues asked where was I the whole morning. And of all the reasons, I said I overslept. Damn malunye~~~

I should learn to tell lies. Sheesh.


angel said...

Duh... nxt time, just take MC. Say you got headache or pening laa..

No, I don't do this at all haha!

Big Bad Wolf said...

Hehe. I am saving my MC for another interview this coming tues. If got shortlisted, i wil have to attend another one the next day. Wish me luck ya?

angel said...

Waa... u r on a roll to change job ka? Break-a-leg! ;) Go 'wooof' them! :D

Big Bad Wolf said...

Hehe. I wil :)