Friday, January 05, 2007

Booze and Party

For the past two weeks, booze and partying were pretty much part of my life. Started off with Zouk singles night event, then the one week later had a liquor-drinking-cum-puking-session at Little Bali. Then came the grandest clubbing event of the year, Velocity KL!

And on new year eve, me and Serembanian (Ho Sang, Sangeeta and her cousin and sister, Melissa, Fyee Sookting and Kah Wee, Sudharan, Kelly, Pei squared and her hubby) and half Serembanian/Singaporean (Abel and Sheryl) went to Trilogy at Era Square, Seremban. It was reputed to be the most happening place in Seremban town at the moment. The cover charge was RM45 for one drink. Superbly fuckin' expensive for a clubbing area here in Seremban. Almost surpassed KL's rate. Crazy. We ordered liquor instead. 1 whisky (RM 258) and 1 vodka (RM 228).


The place was fully packed with people. The girls to guys ratio was almost same as Velocity KL; but this place was far more better -1 girl to 50 guys. How pathetic! I am beginning to wonder if we are facing an issue of gender imbalance in the world. Think its about time to promote polygamy, but this time, only women are allowed to marry 4 husbands. Wondering if the mufti in Pas controlled states will consider this in their upcoming general election? Tat will garner votes from the female citizens.

Wood carving at Trilogy

You may think that the drinking will stop right after this. But heck no. The alcohol in me was yearning for more. And hell to it. Found a few bottles of liquors while I was cleaning my room the other day. My sis bought these when she went travelling to Europe/US last few years ago. So, the devil in me talked me into trying them out. Hehehe.

Left to right:
1) Absolut Vodka 2) Absolut Mandrin 3) Absolut Citron
4) Jim Beam whisky 5) Smirnoff vodka 6) Baileys original irish cream

"Neat" liquor will definitely kill me, so went out to buy Coke as mixer at the nearest 7-11 right away.

First tasted Jim Beam whisky. This whisky was made all the way from Kentucky, US. Poured the whole pack (50ml) and mixed with some Coke. Sipped a little and it tasted like kerosene mix with cough syrup and Dettol. Frankly, this was the worst drink I ever had in my life. You cant even swallowed it down as the burning sensation in ur throat was like fire burning in hell. Didnt want to waste it, so sipped another few drops before pouring it away.

Next, tried out Smirnoff vodka. A pure breed Russian vodka. 40% alcohol. 50ml. Small but effective killer. Should be good i think. Mixed with Coke (btw, can vodka mix with coke??) and toasted to myself. Hahaha. One sip down and ptuii!!!
The taste was aweful. Almost similar taste as Jim Beam, but with a stronger burning sensation.
Braved myself to drink the whole of the cup, but after a few more sips, down goes the whole cup into the sink.

There were 4 more bottles left. Shall try them out when I am back to Seremban next few weeks. Muahahaha.. Let's just hope I don kill myself with these over-expired liquors. Btw, does liquor has expiry date?


JL said...

should i pre-register you in one of those alcoholic anonymous group yet? *smacks* drink so much zhou mutt yeah? please pity your over-worked liver & kidneys

Big Bad Wolf said...

Happy happy mah, so have to drink to the occasion lor... Or else how wo? Sulk at home meh? :)

rose6580 said...

ei...think u;ve been hanging out at the wrong places....most places got more hot gals than guys......:P...