Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hangout at Little Bali

Ex-colleague from AGK invited to a drinking session in Little Bali at Sri Hartamas. Had dinner with Yeoh, Liew, Lim and Lee at Old Town Kopitiam (btw, their food sucks) before proceeding to Little Bali. Had to fill the stomach before drinking mah, or else what to vomit when drank over limit, right? Iit's been one month plus since i last seen them (FYI, I left the company end of October). As the boss wasn't there for dinner, the four of them updated me on what happened after I left the company. Blah blah blah, complain complain complain, this and that.. The conversation was mostly more on complain of heavy workload, getting fucked and screwed by idiotic boss, you know, all those employee-complain-about-my-stupid-boss-type-of-thing. So, i just listened as they revealed to me some of their fucked-by-the-boss moment.

After dinner, we proceed to our destination. This was actually my first time here, although I have heard of this place a few times before. Thank god to our friendly "vendor" who treated us for some booze session. As we reached the place, Michael the vendor and Mr Wong my ex-boss were already there with some of their frens, Mr Chu and also some other which I can't recall their names. Damn. I gotta start memorizing ppl's name! Who knows i might get treated for some free booze session next time. There were 3 ladies who served us that night - Bobo, Lum Lum, and Ms XXX. Hey, don get kinky ideas ok? That third girl is not some porno AV star ok? It's just that i couldn't recall her name. And of coz, there were Chivas bottles on the tables, waiting for us. Woo hoo~~~ Michael and Mr Wong were already a bit tipsy and it was only 8.30pm. And we have a long night to go.

Lum Lum was one pretty girl, and I must confessed that she caught my attention right at the moment i reached the pub. I could swear that she had the look of some hong kong TVB actress. Got to know that she stayed in Ampang and she was only 21 years old. Pretty young to be working as a waitress in a pub, i say. I could guess that she just worked for relatively short period of time as her actions and talks were not so 'smooth' compared to the other veterans. Ei, when i said "actions", i don mean those kinky touch-me-here-u-make-me-high-type-of-things ok? What i meant was her action of pouring liquors, bringing the bills, etc. Definitely not kinky stuff, duh~~~ Later i got to know that she also had another name - Yvonne. She didn't use that as there were a few other girls by the same name workign there in the pub. Well, Lum Lum sounds just nice to me. Anyway, we couldn't get to chat much that night due to interruptions plus she had work to do. Planned to get her number and a photo of her later before we leave the place. Woo hoo~~~

We chit-chated every now and then while some of us played some games. "Dai wa sik" and also one other dunno wats the name. Michael, Mr Wong and the rest of the senior citizens went to social around (and also to get some business) while the young ones stayed around. Lim started to get high and he kept on pestering me to drink. Seems like he has some hidden agenda and of coz i knew right away what it is. This bugger wanted to get me drunk. Well, i responded and got him a few rounds of bottoms-up. And i got Bobo to help me out as well. Lee, Yeoh and Liew stayed behind the line. Cowards. Thing went on for quite some time. Some people came and go. Most of them are suppliers/vendors or contractors. Yeah, it was fun working in a building industry. There were lots of the vendors who were willing to bring a consultant/contractor out for a drink and with the hope of securing one or two projects from them (I was previously a consultant in the building industry).

I was beginning to feel a lil's tipsy so I went out to have some fresh air. I knew that those bloody alcohols were beginning to make attacks on my brain. Damn. Went in again after refreshed myself. And they were still there drinking. Mr Wong was nowhere to be seen. Could have guessed that he must have left the place discreetly, just like what he always do. Another bloody coward. Just wondering why my ex company is full of cowards. Bottoms-up again with Lim since he loved drinking so much. God knows why I continued to drink instead of stopping right away. Hmm. Maybe it's becoz of Lum Lum. Hehehe. Power of attraction mah. Only god knows why. Anyway, the alcohol was overwhelming my brain and the next thing I did was to go out for fresh air again. Couldn't walk properly but I persisted to walk to the opposite of the road. Thank god there was a chair and a table there. Sat there while slumped my head against the table.

Alleluyah~~ Head was spinning like a gasing. Whole body motionless and weak. I was beginning to imagine, if there was someone who wanted to rob me, I would be at the robber's mercy as I can't even fight back. Reached for my phone and called for S.O.S. Liew came to my rescue. He was talking non stop when he saw my condition. Didn't bother to pay attention to what he said as those words were noises and contribute to killing my brain cells. Told him that I need someone to drive me back to Kepong. A few minutes later, Lim and the rest came out from the pub. Lim was leaning on Yeoh. Guess he was also down. My stomach started to send signals that they wanted to get rid of the Chivas inside. Oh damn. Here it goes!! Puke by the side of the road. Luckily i vomited at quite a secluded area where we were not quite easily seen. Malunya~~

The moment Lim saw me puke, he was rejoicing. Said something about victory. Then I realised that his bugger actually wanted to take revenge as I made him puke the last drinking session long long long time ago. Stupid bugger. I will know what to do next time. Bewarn! So, Lee and Liew drove me back to Kepong. Once reached home, I reached for my keys and the drowsy me almost dropped the key to the drain. Eric, my housemate helped me to my room. Inside my heart, I was cursing Lim for putting me in such a situation. And my plan of getting Lum Lum's number and photo didn't work out. How pathetic. But the night was fun though, no doubt about it. Once on bed, i passed out right away.

Btw, i heard Lim vomited 3 times that night.

The first time was at the lounge area. Can u imagine the whole place got messed up with those puke? Yeah, its pretty shameful.

The second time was when Yeoh accompanied him to the toilet. The toilet bowl and the whole toilet floor was full of vomit and choked the floor drain and the toilet bowl as well. I heard the owner had to call plumber to rectify the situation and the male toilet was closed for one whole week becoz of that. The situation was pretty serious i say. And i also heard that the owner is planning to bar Lim from entering the pub anymore.

The third time was when he was following Yeoh's car to my house. He vomitted in front of my neighbour's house and messed up the whole front entrance. Anyway, i gave Lim's number to the neighbour the next thing in the morning. Semangat kejiranan mah (Neighbourhood spirit). Tat's what i learned in Morale lesson back in school days. :) Yup, Lim is one pretty lousy drinker. No doubt about it. But i wonder how on earth he can puke so much? Something which biology can't explain.


JL said...

watcha waiting for?! go quick quick get lum lum lumber la. Flirt flirt, pak tor pak tor, & then *wedding march* kahwin loh... remember gua mau jadi best man tau, it's in my list of things to do before sell salty duck egg ;)

Big Bad Wolf said...

CHOI!! Why wanna curse urself selling salted duck eggs? Stil young mah.

Don worry. U wil definitely be my best man. Hehe. But u must also learn how to drink neh. Must be my "cheong sau" aka gun-hand. U wont want the bridegroom to puke before the wedding night, right? Plenty of time for u to practise. And in fact, if u want, we can start practising at Little Bali right away. HEhehe..