Thursday, January 04, 2007

Velocity KL

Here are some of the photos I took at Velocity KL, Sunway Lagoon. Enjoy....

Photo 1 : Dance Floor with Sunway Hotel at the background.
One girl captured in this photo.

Photo 2 : Superb lighting effect

Photo 3 : People people everywhere!

Photo 4 : Centre stage in the background and 15,000 people on the dance floor

Photo 5: Heard of dancing machine before? Well, you gotta see it to believe it.
It is right at the centre. Two girls captured in this photo.

Photo 6 : Dancing robot taking a break at one of the stalls. One red bull please!!

Photo 7 : Dancing robot shy away from the camera

Photo 8 : Judge Jules on stage and people screaming for more

Photo 9 : One more girl captured in the photo.
Total girls attended this event = 4. How pathetic!!
The event was great and was well co-ordinated. But one thing which was a setback was the number of girls attending the event. I swear it is easier to find a guy wearing a bikini than to find a girl here!
ps: I forgotten to include 2 of my female frens who attended the event as well. So altogether there were 6 girls! 50% more of what i calculated earlier. Tats a lot!! Gosh. I am so happy that i could die! :/


JL said...

i like the 2nd photo. 4!?! what bout my char bor friends?

Big Bad Wolf said...

Oh ya hor.. Forgotten about both Fizah and Anna.. Okie okie. Wil make amendments now. Hehehe..