Thursday, March 01, 2007

Time For A Change - DiGi

Starting next year, we can retain our mobile number if we want to change the network operator. This good news was reported by The Star. We don't have to go thru the hassle to inform everyone of the new phone number when we change operators, unlike now. And it's about time too!


All hail and praise to our government for doing the right thing for the FIRST time.

Finally, i can try out other network (I am thinking of switching to DiGi) as I feel that Maxis's phone charges are rather high; no doubt that the service is good, but for a kiamsiap person like me, every cent counts.

Before this become reality, I hope that this new implementation will go on smoothly and according to schedule as the government plans are always delay or never executed at all. And I also hope that there will not be any charges imposed to the consumer by the bloodsucking operators or middleman appointed to roll out this service.


angel said...

Yes yes, come switch to DiGi! DiGi is so much better than Maxis! I switched 8-9 years ago! LOL! Yup, started of with Maxis for 2 years, then switched to DiGi and never looked back :)

DYK that currently, calls from DiGi hp to 30 countries (fixed lines) is only 15 sen per minute?? That's blardy cheaper than calling local numbers! Sheesh...

Big Wolf said...

Yeah, i would have switched to DiGI a long time ago, but i like my current number.. So easy to remember neh~~