Saturday, March 03, 2007


Watched this awesome movie recently.This movie was directed by the acclaimed actor/director Mel Gibson. Set during the Mayan civilization, this story revolves around a native tribe who lives peacefully in the jungle. Then one day, their village was pillaged and kidnapped by a tribe from another region. A group of people was captured and brought to the tribe's village. Reason of the capture was unbeknown to them, but they only found out the answer when they were held at the temple altar in the village. They were to be made sacrificed to the Sun and to fulfill the Sun God's hunger so that the drought and famine which befall the brutal tribe's village will stop.

Halfway through the sacrifice, an eclipse happened (what a coincident) and the prisoners were set free as the eclipse was believed to be a good omen that the drought will end soon. Thinking that they have achieved freedom, this poor group of people rejoiced but only to find out that this joy was shortlived. They were made to be played around by the brutal armies. In order to achieve freedom, they had to pass through obstacles (shooting arrows, javelins, etc). Last obstacle was to get past a warrior who also happened to be the army leader's only son. None but one survived through. This man managed to barely escape only after he killed the warrior.

Revenge sets in, and the army, led by the warrior's father chased after the poor chap. And the journey took us back into the jungle where cat-and-mouse game was being played. One by one was taken down by the strong-willed man who needed to survive to see his wife and son (who were hiding in a safe place when the pillage happened earlier). And the ending was predictable enough - man emerged victorious and reunited with family.

What is interesting about this movie are the brutality and the violence shown. The raw violent in an ancient way. Man killing each other the primitive way - Club blown to the head and blood gushing out from the skull. Man, this is just awesome!!

Totally recommend this movie. But not for the faint hearted though.

By the way, here are some snapshots on the main actor (The man who survived the ordeal). Does the face rings any bell in your head?





Ta Dah~~~~

Perhaps the world's greatest footballer is sneaking behind our back and trying out his luck in the silver screen?

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