Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bizarre Dreams

Haven't been getting good sleep lately. Weird dreams kept on appearing for the past few weeks. Now, I am someone who doesn't dream much and even if I dreamt, I normally don't remember them. Or if I do recall these dreams, I will just brush them aside as I am not someone who cares about my brain activitity at night. But the event that happened these few weeks are just too bizarre for me to take it lightly.

One of the dreams was this. Dreamt of one of my friend (who is still alive in real life) and in the dream, I treated him just like how normal friend do (chatting, meeting up for drinks, etc). But the weird part (or the scary part) was that I found out from his mother that my fren here was already dead much earlier in the dream, which means, I have been communicating with the ghost of him in the dream all the time until the news reached me. Creepy eh? Woke up straight away upon knowing the creepy news.

Another dream was about one of my friend who I haven't been keeping touch with him ever since I completed my secondary school, until I heard about his death a few months back. Somehow, he appeared in my dream. Couldn't recall what we did in the dream though, but I think this is pretty weird for me to handle. I think we did spoke to each other in my dream, but I just could not recall what was that all about.

And yesterday's dream was the weirdest of all. Saw an aeroplane (I think it is a Boeing type of plane) taking off vertically, just like a space shuttle. Plane can never take off in such way, as their engine power is not strong enough to push them up vertically. But guess in dreams, anything can happen. Anyway, this plane was ascending right in front of me, and the image of this plane was very big so i presume it should be very near to me. Then, all of a sudden, the plane crashed to the ground. Funny thing was that there was no explosion from the crash unlike in the hollywood movies where big explosions and dramatic special effects will come into picture. For this plane crash, there was no smoke, no fire, but only debris flying everywhere after the plane hit the ground. Metal parts of the plane started to fall around me. And i ran to take cover. Of all the places, I chose to take shelter in a place that no one would ever think of - a moonsoon drain! Don't ask me why. It just happened! It was a dry drain, and no water in sight. I jumped into the drain and squatted there hoping that none of the plane parts will hit me.

And guess wat. In this monsoon drain, there were also other people as well. But they were not there to hide from the falling parts of the plane crash. Instead, they seems perfectly natural and no signs of panic or scared look on their face. They were jsut behaving - normally. Some of them were wandering around. But there was one thing which captured my attention. There were waiters there, right at this place. About 4 or 5 of them. What the hell are waiters doing in a drain? I saw that they were holding some dishes and were about to serve customers. Weird. Just plain weird. Anyway, i woke up right after that.

And a few more other dreams that I will not mention here as they are not significant enough to be classified as "weird".

I just wonder what do these dreams are trying to tell me. Are they hinting something to me? Are these bad omen signalling bad luck will befall me?

Or otherwise?
I just hope that these dreams will stop recurring and disturb my peaceful sleep. I wouldn't mind to have these dreams if the people in the dream will tell me what is 4D number or lottery which will come out so that I can strike it rich!!


angel said...

Maybe you are too tired? Feeling lotsa stress lately?

Big Bad Wolf said...

I feel tired and sleepy all the time. Hehehe.
BUt i never have encountered such dreams previously.
Think these dreams are trying to tell me somehting. :)

Mel said...

dreams do have a certain meaning. try looking it up on the net. dream analyzer

Big Bad Wolf said...

Think i have to go see a psychiatrist or a counselor.

Mel said...

er.... =.=" u just need to unwind urself aights.

Big Bad Wolf said...

Hahah. And guess wat. I had a dream yesterday night. Not a weird dream, but dreamt of a girl and both of us were in my old house where I used to stay last time.
Very odd.
I only met this girl a couple of time but why the hell did she appeared in my dream?
And this dream prevented me from having a good night sleep, and results, I am yawning whole day!!