Saturday, March 03, 2007


The following conversation took place in msn on a Saturday afternoon, approximately 3.30pm.


Conversation #1

Fren1 : Hi
Me : Hi there
Fren1 : Where are you?
Me : Office
Fren1 : U working?
Me : Try to guess? (Irritated with the stupid question)
Fren1 : Back to office to surf net?
Me : *shrugs*

Duh.. Of coz i am working, you piece of shit! You think I would waste the beautiful Saturday just to go office to surf net?

Conversation #2

Fren2 : Hi
Me : Hello
Fren2 : Where are you?
Me : Working
Fren2 : You still at office?
Me : Yes (Another stupid question again)
Fren2 : Why still at office?
Me : Me working till 5pm today (Irritated and getting restless)
Fren2 : Saturday no half day?
Me : I work from from 8am to 5pm EVERY SATURDAY (This bloody idiot knows I work till 5pm every saturday and yet he is asking this stupid question)
Fren2 : IC. Come back XXX (ex-company) work la
Me : %%#@!aS@@!PQ

Duh.. If i intend to stay in the company, I wouldn't have left it in the first place, don't you understand this fucking easy common sense?


Moral of the story:

Please don't ask me stupid questions ever again! Especially when I am working on Saturday. My emotion runs haywire when I have to be in the office pathetically while others go out or stay at home happily.


nyonyapenang said...

have a great night out.

pj said...

not everyone so smart like u...

BigWolf said...

Don be a pain in my ass, pj..