Sunday, July 20, 2008


A friend once said that the process of courting girl is a part of an investment. Time and resources spent in the early stage of a relationship could turn into a basket of gold if the relationship progresses further. In order to achieve that, one had to invest considerable time taking good care of the investment, or else the investment could turn sour. And if that happens, all the effort will be burnt.
Ben Stein's article on L.O.V.E-Investment-101 can be found here.

I do agree to some of his opinion. But how can he help on situation such as this?

Inflation is shooting up the sky.
Share market, local and global, are dropping like there is no tomorrow.
High property prices, no thanks to the removal of ceiling prices of steel and cement by our "smart" goverment.
Ass-screwed political situation, coupled with lies and conspiracies - a deadly time bomb (or shall I say, C4 bomb) capable of destroying years of development.

"Let's bomb dwon the economy, shall we?" (Image taken from here)

Possibility of US going into deep recession - Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae bailout, massive country deficit high unemployment rate, retrenchment, and whole lot more.
Oil prices going up and up (currently at USD 130 per bbl by the time of writing).

What would be his advice to counter the above?

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