Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Return Of The King!

It was hailed as the biggest, the mightiest and the most spectacular of all.
Never in Malaysia would anyone be able to beat such a record.

The year was 1996.
RM11 billion was at stake.
RM 11,000,000,000.00.
That's nine zeros at the back, not including the decimal points.
If this figure were to be equally divided among the population (approx 24 million at that time), that would work to be RM450 per person.
Now, if this amount were to be given away to the people, or in this case, to the rakyat, just like how they implemented the car/bike rebate a few months ago, that would be good news indeed.

Alas, that money was never meant to be put into our pocket. It was on the contrary instead.

Each and everyone had to fork out that money and give it free, to our national coffer. And then, our generous government, helmed by our greatest Prime Minister of all time (which I beg to differ), decided to give that money away to someone (could be more than one person).

If this group of people is taking the money and putting it up to good use, such as developing the infrastructure, or possibility of investing the money in some good companies so that our national coffer can grow bigger (just like Singapore's GIC), I wouldn't mind. That huge amount of money can easily be used in human resources training, R&D (whatever, u name it), education, health, etc so that we can build a better and more competitive Malaysia.

Unfortunately, it was never meant to be.
The money was used to bail out a company from liquidation.
The money ended up in someone's pocket, all in the name of saving the company, and also saving the government's reputation.
All the RM11 billion vanished into thin air.
No more nine zeros, but only one single digit - zero. All 11 billion turned into zero.
This act could easily put David Blaine to shame.
Even Harry Houdini can't pull off this magic trick.

Nobody got caught in this biggest scandal in the corporate history in Malaysia. The Managing Director didn't even get prosecuted as he had an early appointment with The-Guy-Up-There.
The company was eventually bought over by another, and the dust settled with no one ended up hurt (the MD is an exception).

And so, we thought that this would be the end of the story.
Nope, this is not the finale yet.
I would say, we have not reach the climax yet.
The story has just started.

Hail the Return of the KING!!

It is going public, again.

I would love to see how this company pull up another Houdini stunt.
That would be the greatest show on the face of the earth.
Much more interesting than the C4 vs Poke-Saiful show.
Could put us in the first spot of Oscar award. I would bet my life on it!!

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