Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Harakiri Or Not?

Was it a dumb move to come up with the proposal?
What if both parties does not accept offer? I would have made a fool out of myself.

Dilemma, dilemma!

Anyway, I feel that putting up such idea would have opened a wider door for myself and better prospect would follow suit, should this materialize. Spending half year in a fast pace project would have given me valuable experience and would given my resume a boost.

Working/staying in a different environment would be fun, albeit it's a coastal area, this new place is almost similar to the place where I am currently working. Engaging with new people would be very interesting. Ahh, not forgetting the nice seafood (heard that the seafood in East Malaysia is nice and juicy!) and the beautiful natives girls (heard they are nice and juicy too!!).

However, if this proposal was shot down, then back I go to KL office, doing the oh-so-mundane job. Worse part is that it will be a bit awkward to face my bosses. They could be thinking that I may have the intention to leave the company (which I do, but not now). This act could be considered career-suiciding!

So, did I make a stupid move? The answer shall be revealed tomorrow.


bollocksandbricolage said...

So...how did it turn out? Crossing my fingers for ya!

Nah...not a stupid move, respect that you can move out of your comfort zone, push aside all fears and just do it! You'd never know how it'll change your life

Big Bad Wolf said...

Things doesnt look that bad actually, after a short discussion with the manager. huhuhu.
If things goes ok, I wil be leaving to Bintulu next month. :D