Thursday, July 03, 2008

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining?

Agent Mulder : Hmm... Very strange.. very strange indeed...
(Pauses while looking at a file on his desk)

Agent Scully : You have a very disturbing look on your face. What is it, Mulder?

Agent Mulder : ... ... There seems to be a very unusual activities going on.. Something I have not seen before in my life working on the X files.. And more especially as it happened at a location such as this.

Agent Scully : What do you mean, unusual?
(Looking puzzled)

Agent Mulder : Someone has left this file on my desk.
(Showing the file to Agent Scully. Three big bold words printed on the front cover, visible to her)

Agent Scully : Official.. Government... Secret..

Agent Muler : Affirmative. You got it right..

Agent Scully : Not another round of Government secrets, again? We have been put in the cold chair after we uncovered Bill Clinton and his sex scandal, remember? And we almost got ourselves "shocked and awed" by George Bush himself when we exposed his lies leading to the bombing of Iraq. That was how we ended up sitting in this 6'x6' room. Hope you remember that? And definitely nothing is more unusual than UFO sightings, spontaneous human combustion,
zombies and the vampires, voodoo spells, Big Foot's finding and whole lot which we have worked on. Now, tell me, what is more unusual than all this?

Agent Mulder : Have you heard of this place before?
(Pointing towards a section on the map, hung on the wall)

Agent Scully : You mean, Malaysia? .. Err.. What is so special about that?

Agent Mulder : I have checked with my source, and they have confirmed that there are abnormal activities happening throughout the country.

Agent Scully : ... ... Go on...
(Looking uneasy)

Agent Mulder : My source told me that one very prominent website has been hacked after it disclosed a very controversial articles alleging wrongdoing by a certain strong political leader. And right after that, people are accusing each other anus-playing. People ranging from ex-convict, private detective, politicians an university dropout were allegedly involved in screwing each other's asshole.

One even came up with evidence alleging the chief police and the attorney general of conspiring to put down a man to jail. Another guy put up a report with allegation of certain strong political person of assisting and involved in the brutal homicide of a Mongolian lady. And throwing in the equation was the alleged involvement of the Prime Minister himself, who was said to be withholding valuable informations regarding the homicide.

Worse still, the share market has mysteriously suspended in trading for one day. Reasons given was techincal glitch, which is beyond believable. Share market has been heading south since the past few months, after the political uprising of the opposition parties.

Agent Scully : This is serious..

Agent Mulder : Inflation is on the rise and salary is going down. Petrol hike and translates into exponential price increase. Government is painting a colourful picture about the sustainable GDP growth. Everyone in Malaysia is suffering from mass confusion. Don't know what and who to trust. I strongly believe that there someone is planning a big conspiracy here.

Agent Scully : Uh uh.... So, what can we do to solve this?

Agent Mulder : ..I don't know.. This is way beyond comprehension. I am helpless in this...

Agent Scully : Don't give up. We should continue to search for the truth..

Agent Mulder : Yes, I believe we should.


On another development, X-files, the movie will be showing on cinema pretty soon.
Could this movie brings back the excitement like it used to, when I was still younger?
Could the hot Agent Scully (once upon a time) teaming with the (used to be) good looking Agent Mulder kick dust and solving mysteries, like the one brewing hot in Malaysia?

I don't feel so excited about it, considering the latest economical and political senario in Malaysia.
In fact, nothing excites me for now.
We are in the cleansing stage currently, just like how a drug addict undergoes one when he wanted to kick off the bad habit. Either he survives and emerges a cleansed person, or he succumb back to the old habit and die eventually.

So, where will we be heading?

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